Top 4 fast-rising Tanzanian musicians making waves.

Just like any business, the music industry rewards creativity and uniqueness, and if you have those two then you are set to go far in the industry.

Top 4 fast-rising Tanzanian musicians making waves.
Top 4 fast-rising Tanzanian musicians making waves.

The Tanzanian music industry has some elite and up-and-coming artists, this article will focus solely on the top four musicians Fast-rising in Tanzania.

There are so many who couldn’t stay in the game because it changed and they found themselves out of time and out of touch with the industry. This flexibility is vital in the entertainment industry these days.

On the other hand, new artists are introduced in the industry daily, something that has the old celebs lacking sleep because these new artists are young and have zeal and hunger for success in music that threatens their peace of mind.

Up and coming artists have been picked up by famous musicians and record labels and these new artists never disappoint. In this article, I’ going to introduce you to four up and coming artists who are reigning in the Tanzanian music scene today;

1. Zuhura Othman Soud (Zuchu)

At a young age, Zuhura was successful in entering the Tanzanian music scene, apart from Havard admission and maybe getting a job at Apple, there’s nothing harder than joining the WCB label. Regardless of that, the managers of that record label got to hear her and sign this young woman.

Zuhura Othman Soud (Zuchu)
Zuhura Othman Soud (Zuchu)

The majority of people thought that she was a bad signee and an addition to the label until she shocked them by gaining more than 100,000 subscribers and being nominated for different awards.

This beautiful young lady who hails from Zanzibar is a daughter of a famous Taarab singer, Khadija Kopa. Right now if you mention Tanzanian music without mentioning her name you will be missing an important musician with songs like Raha, Sukari, and Cheche which she did with her boss Platnumz, songs that are making waves and are ahead in streams.

2. Ibraah

Like the majority of African artists who go through tough times first then later on succeed, the same happened to this artist who started out as a hawker, which is why even now as a person who has made it, he still calls himself ‘Chinga‘ which is Swahili for a hawker.


He is a famous artist under the label of Konde Gang, under Harmonize. He came into the music scene like a joke, we first heard him on One Night Stand which he did with Harmonize, and then he released Nitachelewa, Nimekubali, and Jipinde which disturbed our radios for a long.

With Ibraah’s hunger for success, he seems like an artist who will last for some time in the industry.

3. Thomas Gration Bishanga (Tommy Flavour)

With his voice and the way he harmonizes behind the mic, this ladies’ man is one of those people whose opportunity came when he was ready to grab it.

Tommy Flavour

Tommy is under Kings Music Label which is owned by Ali Kiba and he has been his mentor for a long and that’s why if you look at his verse and singing style it is like they are quite similar.

Omukwano‘ which featured his boss Ali Kiba made his Tanzania’s favorite, and if it was me, I would have ended my music career there because I would have worried if I could release a that could outdo Omukwano’s success.


4. Cosmas Paul Mfoy (Rapcha)

Naitwa Rapcha, naitwa naniii….’ that’s how he starts his songs, this young artist who was born in 1999 is busy hustling with big artists in the game.


He started out as the majority of artists who start on these days when producer P Funky Majani saw one of his clips on Instagram and decided to check him out and now he has a hit called ‘Lisa‘ which is a very creative story.

Rapcha‘s future in the music industry is brighter just like the majority of the artists who have been discovered through social media.

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