Kenyan Musicians who can’t stand each other.

In the entertainment world conflicts and clashes are normal, Feuds and misunderstandings happen all the due to music competitions or misinterpretations of interviews when one is asked about the other and most of the these can be solved almost immediately.

Kenyan Musicians who can’t stand each other.

However not all times and sometimes it reaches a point that these celebrities can’t stand each other. In this context, we will be looking into Kenyan musicians who can’t stand each other.

That’s when you know it’s serious. The fandoms don’t make things better and keep adding fuel to the already burning fire.

The following are some of the Kenyan artists that cannot stand each other and why.

1. Vs Willy Paul.

This feud started long when they were both gospel artists. Kelvin Mbuvi Kioko (Bahati) and Wilson Abubakar Radido (Willy Paul) found themselves in conflicts they couldn’t get out from.

Bahati Vs Willy Paul
Vs Willy Paul

The reasons are the same each of them claiming they are better artists than the other. complained a couple of times that Willy Paul has stolen a lot of his songs accusations that Willy Paul aggressively denied.

They both moved to music right now and now competitions are bigger than those two. They have been spotted on various occasions but it looks like the feud is gone. Or is it?

2. Jaguar vs Ringtone Apoko

Jaguar vs Ringtone Apoko
Jaguar vs Ringtone Apoko

Charles Njagua Kanyi also known as Jaguar became famous after his hit song KIGEUGEU became everyone’s favorite song back in 2011.

If we are being clear this song made rich to the point he bought his own helicopter. In the year 2017, he got into politics and became a member of parliament representing Starehe in Nairobi.

I want whatever prayer this guy says before going to bed. He got into conflict with the gospel artist Apoko, who fasted for three days just as most believers do.

The problem arose when Jaguar mocked that Apoko that he fasted so he could get a range rover car like Jaguar after He was blocked by Jaguar on the road.

Very unnecessary! Ringtone has had fights with various other people so he tells you much about the guy. It has been six years since the incident and I hope they’ve moved on.

3. Khaligraph Jones vs Octopizzo

You can’t list names of Kenyan greatest artists without naming Khaligraph jones, the lyrics and wordplay are fire.

Khaligraph Jones vs Octopizzo
Khaligraph Jones vs Octopizzo

He’s a very proud man who is self-aware of the impact of his music and if you listen to his song you might as well agree with him. It all began when Khaligraph Jones pointed a middle finger at Henry Obanga (Octopizzo) who has won various awards in Kenya as a sign of insulting him.

Octopizzo gave a comeback claiming that none of his songs would have trended if he hadn’t used his name (Octopizzo) in his songs. The feud seems to be dividing the fans as they are both very talented artists.

4. Njeri vs Femi one

Rapper Femi one who made our pandemic less boring by releasing an epic song “Utawezana” got into conflict with another female rapper Patricia Njeri.

Njeri vs Femi one
Njeri vs Femi one

They both disclosed to the public that they hated each other. beating around the bush. This dispute began when the artist Juliani asked who was the king on his song Lord forgive me dragging everyone.

From then lady Njeri dropped a song “ king” when she practically dragged all artists who call themselves king and in it Femi got a special treatment of drag saying that her song Brikicho was overrated. Femi also released the song “Pilau Njeri” and it was like adding petrol to a burning bush.

5. Otile brown vs Vera Sidika

There is a very thin line between love and hate, this saying was meant for these cute love birds. They spoiled each other with all kinds of romance and made sure we all saw.

Otile brown vs Vera Sidika
Otile brown vs Vera Sidika

There have been little conflicts where they both deleted all photos on social media. I lost count of the number of times they broke up and got back together.

One of those breakups was the final one. It was one of that dirty and embarrassing breaks up where they both exposed each other Vera claiming that Otile is poor in bed and the likes.

Vera released a song ‘Nalia’ of which most of the fans perceived was dedicated to Otile. They were all toxic to each other. Vera is now married and has a child but I highly doubt if they can still be friends with Otile.

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