Show Dem Camp explains why Nigerians Don’t Listen To Naija Rap

Show Dem Camp has spoken on why many Nigerians don’t listen to rappers’ rap tracks and what may done to change the problem.

Show Dem Camp explains why Nigerians Don't Listen To Naija Rap
Show Dem Camp explains why Nigerians Don’t Listen To Naija Rap

Show Dem camp recently sold out their palm wine music fest tour in London chatted with English disc jockey DJ Semtex on his podcast dubbed ‘Hip Hop Raised Me,’ which was released on November 1st, 2021, about their musical influences, journey, dreams, and other interesting issues.

In addition, the duo stated in the podcast that Nigerians enjoy hip-hop, but that the genre is underdeveloped since most rappers do not invest as much as they could in rap songs.

According to the duo, after releasing a project, most rappers would prefer to produce a video for a more commercial afro-fusion song than promote the rap songs on the project to the best of their abilities.

According to Show Dem Camp, the fact that most rappers do not “believe” in the success of their rap tracks has an impact on audience response.

Meanwhile, most Nigerians listen to a lot of hip-hop, primarily because artists promote their songs aggressively.

Show Dem Camp are a prominent rapping, songwriting, and performing duo comprised of Ghost and Tec have contributed to the scene throughout the years, turning it mainstream with the incorporation of highlife music, a style known as “Palmwine music.”

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