“I wish I hadn’t had a falling out with Davido over Tagbo’s death.” Caroline Danjuma

Nollywood actress, Caroline Danjuma has expressed regret for accusing of the death of his best buddy, .

Carolina Hutching regrets her fight with Davido over the death of Tagbo.
Hutching regrets her with over the death of Tagbo.

It’s worth recalling how Caroline dragged in 2017 for allegedly killing Umeike, his best friend and her lover. Caroline was forthright in her claims and graciously agreed to interviews in which she dragged OBO through the muck.

After the death case was dismissed, went into the studio and wrote one of his biggest hit songs, FIA, in which he mocked Caroline in the second verse

(Caroline, save your drama/ I don’t need it for the soap opera/ Hola hola, Mr.Olopa/ I’ not here to cause wahala/ Hello diva, save your drama/ You don’t need me in your soap opera).

Years have gone by and Caroline has finally disclosed that she has regretted her decision to drag and accuse him of his friend’s death in 2017.

Carolina Hutching regrets her fight with Davido over the death of Tagbo
Danjuma and Umeike

In an emotional post on her new Instagram page, bared her soul to her followers as she dropped details of her personal life.

The particular one that hit the spot was when she opened up that she wished the rift between and herself never happened.

She shared;

“June 26 I will be 34 years old ..super grateful for all my achievements , yes I acted for only 2 yrs 2004 to 2006 and it was awesome , I was bullied all through my marriage by social media ( 12 years of bullying ) .. why did I marry my grandfather ( my choice not yours ), i stole someone’s husband ( one came out to claim him ) , I ain’t the age I claim to be because of Wikipedia ( are you aware Wikipedia can be edited by anyone ? ).

Sometimes I do not blame the govt for trying to regulate social media, anyone can post false information about another and feel good about it .. y’all should give it a rest . Some claiming they went to uni with me ( can’t remember everyone being the same age in uni , and no you don’t know me even if we were in the same space ).

concerning David I wish such never happened between us he is really a cool guy , I wish him nothing short of favor and undiluted success always ( I equally love the song fia ) .. now I am immune to your bullying and harsh words…”

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