Enjoy your Ramadan with these 5 wonderful songs

In this season of Ramadan, holiness, and consciousness of Allah very paramount. Ramadan is even more significant in Islam because it was during this period that the Holy Quran was revealed to the prophet.

Enjoy your Ramadan with these 5 wonderful songs
Enjoy your Ramadan with these 5 wonderful songs

As such, the words, “All Praises to Allah is more effective and graceful” and the need to enjoy your Ramadan with good songs as a sign of expression of gratitude are needed.

Thus, we have provided you with 5 wonderful songs to keep you engaged during this Ramadan period.

Maher Zain – “Thank You Allah”


Maher Zain is a Swedish R&B singer, songwriter, and music producer of Lebanese origin. Arguably, he is the most popular Islamic artiste living right now. Undoubtedly, he is one artist you want to listen to this Ramadan.

Also, he is the most followed Islamic singer on Facebook and has the highest views in that class. 5.8 billion views don’t lie.

In the light of his many accomplishments, it is important to note that his debut Thank You Allah has sold over 10million copies.


Saoti Arewa – Ise Olohun 

Ise Olohun – Saoti Arewa

Saoti Arewa is one of Nigeria’ leading Islamic artistes with numerous classical and inspirational songs. Though, he carries that fuji blend in his vocals, however, his unique messages can always be deduced from his tune.

In 2017, the singer dropped Ise Olorun, an of three tracks, of which the title takes the first track.

Ise Olorun is a song that appreciates the mysterious wonders and works of Allah, suitable for this season.


Lyta – Ramadan


Talented Nigerian singer, Lyta gives us an ever-green thoughtful, and prayerful song.

The “Monalisa” crooner released this song, last year

Of course, Lyta goes spiritual on this new song, he surprises us with this blessing (special number) to welcome us into the holy month of Blessings, Joy, Happiness, Arms Giving, and forgiveness.

Listen and be blessed!

Raef ft. Maher Zain – So Real

Raef - So Real
Raef – So Real

One thing I love about Raef is how he is able to marry punk rock and pop to popular Islamic nasheeds. As a matter of fact, he is an Egyptian-American singer and instrumentalist.

So Real featuring Maher Zain is one song that stresses his love for Allah and reciprocates. As a Muslim, you would surely love this song and applaud Raef’ pure talent. Enjoy!

Deen Squad x Karter Zaher x Jae Dean – Ramadan

Deen Squad - Ramdan
Deen Squad – Ramdan

If you love hip-hop, you will definitely love Deen Squad. The squad is made up of two ‘brothers’ – Jae Deen (real name Sheikh Jamal, a Ghanaian convert formerly known as Joshua Asare and Karter Zaher).

The singers became widely known for its Halal Remixes. Their popularity soared after being covered by CNN, BBC, and Fader.

While Deen Squad became famous because of their Halal Remixes, they have, however, released three EPs containing original songs.


Enjoy your Ramadan with these 5 wonderful songs

  • Thank You Allah – Maher Zain
  • Ise Olohun – Saoti Arewa
  • Ramadan – Lyta
  • Raef ft. Maher Zain – So Real
  • Ramadan -Deen Squad

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