The Cavemen on the Mission of a Genre Restoration

The Cavemen is on the mission of highlife genre restoration with the ‘Roots’ project.

Highlife is back, and this time its refined, rebranded in quality form, The Cavemen is on the mission of restoring almost lost or forgotten genre.

Highlife is a music genre that began in present-day Ghana in the 19th century, in the time of a colony of the British Empire, It uses the melody and rhythmic structures of cultural Akan music, but played with Western instrumentals.

Highlife gained recognition among the eastern people of during the world war, as they combined and finetune it with their established music forming a contemporary musical genre known as Igbo highlife.

The Cavemen on the Mission of a Genre Restoration
The Cavemen

Highlife is a special genre that needs to evolve, we all grew up listening to particular highlife artists like Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe, Oliver De Coque, Chief Dr  Morocco Maduka, Oriental Brothers, Dr Sir Warrior, Nico Mbarga.

The Cavemen was officially created in 2018, the duo has sharpened the highlife genre by playing with esteemed popular artists such as Onyeka Onwenu, Asa, Bez, and alte star Lady Donli.

They Refined the usual highlife with infused modern elements, Sang in Igbo and Pidgin English to foster the grassroots reach, simply the modern ringleaders for highlife music.

‘Roots’ Album revolves around the significant things in life such as happiness, love, and unpredictability of reality, easily connected to the roots and brawl of mankind, it is a sound with deep roots in the narrative of African music.

The Cavemen on the Mission of a Genre Restoration
The Cavemen – Roots

The combination of Guitar (esp. fingerstyle), horns, brass, drums, the gong, and the extra vocals that rely heavily on percussion instruments.

All tracks in the ‘Roots’ Album are highly rich with sounds and lyrical depth.

The ability to interpret and connect each track on a live band makes it quite uncommon and special, they are actually underrated and deserve more accolades.

Nigerians and the world are unconsciously responsive-without persuasions to the highlife sound, especially for those that appreciate the purest form of sounds and the knowledge of the genre.

The movement has already begun as they are gradually gaining recognition across the nation and beyond.

‘Roots’ Album won Best alternative album award at the 2020 #14th Headies awards!

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