7 Johnny Drille Songs That Will Make Your Day

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7 Songs That Will Make Your Day

When people talk of good music vs. mainstream trash, the name Johnny Drille is never far. Because right from the very beginning, we knew Johnny is a good music breed and it almost feels like he can’t ever be compromised. Most likely true.

7 Johnny Drille Songs That Will Make Your DayHe got signed to , alongside , just before many the uber-successful Mavins Dynasty started to disband, with many of the artists leaving the label after their deals were over. But when he came, it was a full house. was even still around. With a full house of mainstream pop artists, you would wonder what Don Jazzy wanted more artists for. We quickly realized, it was good music

Often labeled an alternative artist, Johnny was once on the MTN Project Fame, and if anything, that means he’s got talent. But good vibes don’t guarantee good content, right? That’s why there is even an Alte vs Rap argument going on. But if Johnny is alte, then alte is definitely good music!

Quickly, seven songs from the talented singer that will make your day. You should download it and put it on your playlist ASAP.


Everyone definitely needs a song to keep them going every day. Shine does exactly that.  The song talks about the appreciation of life, not losing oneself and believe that everything will be alright. Cause after the dark, the sun go shine.

It may not be your regular motivational song (Wetin You Gain, Time), but Johnny Drille’s Shine is even better. There’s no reason you shouldn’t have this.

Wait For Me

Once, I was watching a TV Show, and the OAPs were saying there is no good music these days, that we should go back to the days of and Wait For Me, a love song that didn’t promote indecency. Johnny Drille probably watched that show that morning, too.

Wait For Me is a song for a distant lover, a promise that he will be back and that she should wait for him. Pure love vibe, and cool guitar strokes. This is arguably Johnnys biggest jam, and the video was very popular. So sad, the girl died at the end. You should check em out.

Halleluya (feat. )

This is what happens when an alternative artist decides to try some mainstream stuff. Not really mainstream, because except for Simi who is a very popular pop singer, everything on the song is just Palm Wine Music on another level (ask .)

I think she loves me, Halleluyah. Who does that? Johnny. The vibe is so cool, you can mistake it for a church song because of the Halleluyah they’re chanting. So cool.


Sometimes Johhny may sound just like . Forever is one of those times. The first time I was in a car and it was played on the radio, I went back home and googled Nonso Amadi  Forever. The point is, it just goes a long way to describe how their creativity equals.

Johnny is a bad-ass. But even better, you can play Forever at your wedding.

7 Johnny Drille Songs That Will Make Your Day

Romeo & Juliet

This doesn’t have a star-crossed lovers storyline, like the popular William Shakespeare novel, but it does sound like some remake of a 60s jam. Maybe a song from The Beatles (I bet, that’s what they’d sound like.)

Romeo & Juliet is another Johnny Drille song that you can listen to if you only have to listen to only one Johnny Drille’s forever.

Start All Over

Let’s stick to the facts on this one. First, this is a Niniola song. Like Drille, Niniola used to be on the Project Fame too. Another fact, they’re both very talented. Niniola doesn’t do anything like Start All Over again, that’s probably the reason you should listen to it.

You should also enjoy the pleasure of hearing your favourite boy Johnny Drille, on a song with another artist, from way back. Before his Mavin days.

Awa Love

This is a kinda groovy one, EDM pop jam. I could sell it to you as Marshmello feat. Johnny Drille. But Awa Love should bring back some nostalgia, at least Maybe a high school crush, or times with a college girlfriend that just didn’t end well. (At least it does for me.)

Don’t know if Johnny Drille is really worth your time? Listen to all these seven jams and thank me later.

7 Johnny Drille Songs That Will Make Your Day:-

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