Rapper Eldee reveals why he left Nigeria

Veteran Rapper, has opened up on why he left Nigeria.

Rapper Eldee reveals why he left Nigeria
Rapper reveals why he left Nigeria

Singer, commenting on the arrest of #OccuppyLekkitollgate Protesters during the weekend took to her page on the 13th of February wrote;

“I used to be so hopeful for Nigeria, but now, just driving on the streets gives me anxiety. Seeing police officers with guns gives me anxiety. Someone suddenly walking up to me gives me anxiety. Hate it here.”

Rapper, quoting her tweet, explained that it was the reason why he left the country in the first place.

“This is a major part of why I left. I was hopeful too, I her still but I my physical, social and mental health more. Tough decision but the best so far.”

The rapper who once dominated the Music Industry with his team, the Trybemens in the late 90 and early 2000s currently lives in the US.


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