6 Tracks From Erigga’s “The Erigma 2” You Should Put On Repeat

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When you mention the “South” in this industry, only two names mostly pop up, and .

6 Tracks From Erigga's “The Erigma 2” You Should Put On RepeatYung6ix, who blew up back in 2013 with a cover of ’s “Oleku”, has managed to hold the title of “King of the South” for a couple of years. Before Erigga started gaining mainstream attention.

Erigga happens to be the opposite of Yung6ix and a more suitable candidate for the head of the South-South hip-hop scene. He’s fierce, got some electric energy he usually releases on tracks. Two, he’s got the Warri ‘area’ accent and speaks the Pidgin English with agility. Once he came, that was the end of Yung6ix.

His last album “A Trip to the South” became a classic, getting nominated for “Best Rap Album” at the Headies. Since then, he’s done stuff with Victor AD and . It was only a matter of time before another album surfaced, we knew that.

So, when he announced “The Erigma 2”, fans were excited. The idea of having a new Erigga project before this year’s over is exciting. Well, the album is here and here is six handpicked tracks from the tape that we think you should listen to. Totally worth your time!

How about Warri vibes on some Palmwine music? This is some SDC-kind afro-fusion beat, with Badman on the hook. Erigga raps about Lagos, and how it’s complicated. Everybody sings about Lagos, these days, but this is just different!

“If I die, rap for Naija no go sweet again,” Erigga bursts on this hip-hop track, as Sami delivers his chorus like a 2baba stuff. The Choc City boss, , is on this one, dropping some wisdom. “Warri no dey ever carry last, the worst na draw!”

Isn’t this what Erigga is actually about? Motivating the street? Almost all of his songs have inspiring storylines, usually true-life scenarios and it’s why the street loves him. “Street Motivation” has a minimalist hip-afro production, and brought the melody.

This is one of the hottest tracks on the hip-hop. Firstly, it’s Erigga dropping real-life bars on some bang rap beat. Graham D, his frequent collaborator, comes in singing in Igbo. the Viper, who accidentally wasn’t credited, did justice to the track. “There is nothing cool about a mosquito bite or zero light!”

Let’s just say Erigga’s biggest strength on this album isn’t his bars, or the production, no, it’s the linkups. He has music with all the banging guys, and this one is a crazy one.

Okay, Erigga isn’t wack. He’s also versatile and can burst on some street beat. On “Two Criminals” he and took turns, rapping on the trumpet-filled instrumental. This isn’t just a hit, it’s suitable for the real streets. It’s a banger!

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