6 Must-Listen’s From Mr Eazi’s “Lagos to London” Mixtape


6 Must-Listen's From Mr Eazi's Lagos to London Mixtape

We only have Wizkid, Davido and Olamide. Others who rise to close to that status, in the industry are just momentary stars. Man of the moment, viral etc, and they are gone.

Far away from where we can experience them. At least, that’s been for a couple years now. Who is the last Next Rated guy that is still a ‘big guy’? Wizkid, Davido, who else? Nobody. Sean Tizzle, Skuki, Reekado Banks, all gone.

So, when in 2016, was the rave, I (actually everybody) thought he couldn’t keep up with the streak, for long. Especially, when his signature is pon pon pon, something that may not last. But Eazi dropped an album “Life Is Eazi : Accra To Lagos,” it was the best thing he could’ve done. We had hope, the same hope we lost on Tekno (who still won’t do an album). Eazi was touring, and keeping the movement real on Instagram.

Fast forward to now, his album is here, and it’s left to everybody to listen and decide if it’s worth the hype. Some people think it’s not. But I say, Eazi’s got hits on Life Is Eazi Vol 2 (Lagos to London), and it should probably be a tape mixed by Diplo. Point is, it’s not a concept album, you don’t have to hear every track on it sequentially whatsoever.

Meanwhile, here are six tracks we recommend you listen to, even if you’re not planning to hear the whole album.

1. Miss You Bad (Ft. Burna Boy)

Mr Eazi, like Wizkid, may only know how to sing about girls, but he sure does knows plot-twisting. And with the way he sings about heart-breaks and break-ups, you’d wonder how many ex-es, the black nigg’s got.

“Miss You Bad” is afro, but it’s Mr Eazi, singing to his ex, saying he misses her, and he wants her back. Burna Boy killed it with his electric voice. For those who have compared the two’s voices, in the past, we now get to juxtapose. Burna Boy killed the verse, but then, that “I miss you bad” hook is a hooker!

2. Suffer Head (Ft. 2Baba)

If for nothing, because 2Baba is on it, you should checkout this joint. It’s got all those Davido kind of vibe on the instrumental, but then, at a point Eazi was singing like, say Tekno.

The way he sampled the old classic dancehall hit, “Watta Bam Bam,” is cool. He also used the “since I was born” stuff. It’s cool. He’s got a catchy chorus, so with that he still manages to stay one bar above of 2Baba, who dropped an outstanding verse.

3. Surrender (Ft. Simi)

Since her outing last year with “Simisola,” everyone wants Simi on their track. One because of her voice, two because of her lyrics, and three, she never disappoints.

Mr Eazi, isn’t got nothing special on the lyrics, he was only using a couple metaphors (whatever this means). “I know say I no get money like Richard Branson…” He was actually just playing around on the song.

And there comes Simi, our beloved Simi, our very own Rihanna. The melody was heavenly, and that finishing line; “I surre, I surre, to your totori,” made me surrender. Surrender is a perfect song for your weddings!

4. Open And Close (ft Diplo)

If well pushed, this track could become a very big hit, this December. It’s all shades of shaku, and that party vibe. He’s not professing his love for a girl on this, but “Open and Close” can light up the mood, and the party.

Quite a number of people are not impressed with his performance on the track, but then you’ve got only two options. Download, listen and enjoy the track, now or be forced to to it when the festive season is here. Thank you. What is shasha kushasha, by the way?

5. London Town (Ft. Giggs)

You’ve probably heard this song before. A couple months ago. Meanwhile, the Afro beat is very tight, and Giggs did his best (forget that he was going off-beat.)

If you’re listening to the whole, this would no doubt still be one of your favourites. You can just turn up your headphones, and bump your head. Have you tried playing it loud in your car?

6. She Loves Me (Ft. Chronixx)

This is for all those guys who would rather not listen to any song at all. It’s what some folks would call “international.” It has an Island sound, and will come in handy late saturday nights. You know what I’m saying.

And that’s all for today’s class. Meanwhile, holiday is coming!

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