5 throwback gbedu from YBNL stars that rocked the street

    Undoubtedly, the YBNL Record label has been one of the most influential and ever-evolving labels in the country.

    5 throwback gbedu from YBNL stars that rocked the street
    5 throwback gbedu from YBNL stars that rocked the street

    With numerous hits from YBNL stars, we have decided to give a throwback of 5 songs from this label that rocked the streets.

    Now, just a couple of days the YBNL‘s frontier Olamide celebrated his 32nd birthday, while the next day an ex YBNL star Lil Kesh also celebrated his day, thus this editorial is for honouring this label.

    Durosoke – Olamide

    When you talk about songs that will ever move the streets, this has to be included in the first 50 lists.

    Funnily coined as a freestyle, ended up becoming a mega-hit across states!

    The song Durosoke still lives rent-free in many people’s heads and with its addictiveness, you can always vibe to the song when played.

    Enjoy one of the best YBNL stars, Olamide!

    Shoki – Lil Kesh

    Young Kesh from YBNL in 2014, delivered this premium street song accompanied by a dance step.

    Though there are many controversies surrounding the originator of the dance, however, Kesh made it special.

    The song is a whole vibe that even after 7 years, it still remains one of Keshy’s best and achievement for the label.

    Here’s Lil Kesh doing what he knows how to do best!

    Orente – Adekunle Gold

    One of YBNL’s highlife and Afropop singer Adekunle Gold released this love track, that surprisingly dominated the street.

    Though, not a fire jam, but a gbedu worth reminiscing!

    This is a love song explained in the Yoruba Language that depicts the depth of a couple’s affection for each other. As stated earlier, this is not a song that cleared the clubs, but certainly, almost everybody reminisced with it.

    Come to think of it, it’s raining season already and a perfect time to enjoy your Orente vibe!

    Enjoy this masterpiece!

    Shakitibobo – Olamide

    After being consistent for over 5 years, Olamide came back with this Shakitibobo in 2015 to scatter the street. To add, it came with a unique dance step that was rocked at many parties.

    When you hear that beat tun tun tuntunn, your hand suddenly folds up with your leg moving simultaneously, then you add that swag to beautify it.

    Wahala for who no sabi dance shakibobo oo!

    Story For The Gods – Olamide

    Olamide launches his own television station, VOTS (Voice Of The Streets).

    Story for The gods is one very controversial song with a lot of street slang and vibes.

    On its arrival in the market, the street without delay romanticized the song as it solely belongs to them, lyrically, beat, and vibe-wise.

    Here’s Olamide giving it to us hot in story for the gods!


    5 throwback gbedu from YBNL stars that rocked the street

    • Durosoke – Olamide
    • Shoki – Lil Kesh
    • Orente – Adekunle Gold
    • Shakitibobo – Olamide
    • Story for The gods – Olamide

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