5 Throwback 9ice songs from the Gongo Aso album too nice not to revisit

    Guys, it’s Thursday and as you know we give the best of throwback songs to revisit.

    5 Throwback 9ice songs from the Gongo Aso album too nice not to revisit
    5 Throwback 9ice songs from the Gongo Aso album too nice not to revisit

    We have decided to revisit 5 throwback 9ice songs from his Gongo Aso album too nice not to revisit.

    In 1996, 9ice recorded his first demo titled Risi de Alagbaja, but it was not until 2000 that he released his first official solo song Little Money.

    The name 9ice started getting popular in the music industry not until 2008 after he released his track, Gongo Aso.

    Gongo Aso

    From being just an album title to a house-hold name, Gongo Aso tops our list of throwback songs.

    The aspiring 9ice then released this debut album in 2008, with the song Gongo Aso as the 11th track.

    It was the street and party jam of the year, with personal experience it was played at almost every party held in Lagos.

    Stream and dance to this evergreen jam!

    Street Credibility

    This is a song that I can literally sing word for word.

    Here, 9ice decided to be creative and featured legendary 2Baba, though he was popularly known as 2Face then.

    The Street Credibility talks about how he was made of the street and how the street has his back.

    It further buttresses how many fans he has and how he is confident of a bright future.

    To reflect on what music looked like over 10 years ago, stream and see both stars kill their verses!


    With a very catchy intro, and a sensational humming before the kicks come in,  Photocopy is one song that needs to be revisited.

    9ice decides to shade those copying his style of music, as he sees them as copycats.

    The lyrics don’t really have much effect as the beat does, so if for anything, stream and get the good old beat from 9ice‘s Gongo Aso album.

    Party Rider

    This song lives up to his title, with his harmonious entry 9ice puts you into a dancing mood.

    Then he comes up with the intro “Am a party rider Call on me I be your fantasy..” 

    Likewise, everyone screams “Anywhere wherever omo jaamisi”

    Then everybody is turned up, and the dance begins!

    Weddings, birthday parties, variably almost every function at that time had a party rider played there.

    Put on your dancing shoes and stream!

    Wedding Day

    The evergreen Wedding Day is a love song composed for his heartbeat.

    Of course, couples jammed to this song, and he performed it at various weddings.

    He comes to a conclusion on the things he will do for his wife on their wedding day

    While the salsa-like beat compensates the melodious tune, 9ice finishes off with glorifying lyrics.

    As the weekend approaches, stream this before preparing your weekend for any Owambe party.


    5 Throwback 9ice songs from the Gongo Aso album too nice not to revisit

    • Gongo Aso
    • Street Credibility
    • Photocopy
    • Party Rider
    • Wedding Day

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