5 Things We Learnt From Kizz Daniel “No Bad Songz” Album

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(who doesn’t prefer to write it as Kiss Daniel, by the way) is now officially in the Ivy league of the music industry. When you consider the fact that doesn’t have a second album, and Tekno doesn’t have any at all, you’ll understand what level Kizz is now. He doesn’t just have a sophomore now, his sophomore is a chart-topping playlist.

5 Things We Learnt From Kizz Daniel No Bad Songz AlbumThe 20-track LP “No Bad Songz” is also his first project, since he left G Worldwide. Released under his Flyboy imprint, the album’s got every name to make it worth listening. , , Davido, , . In short, if he was still at G Worldwide, “No Bad Songz” is an impossibility. You’ll probably have your OBO replaced by Sugarboy.

It’s been quite a while since his debut, “New Era,” and a week after the release of “No Bad Songz,” this is what we’ve learnt.


You’ve probably seen people gushing about the album, saying it’s so good, all that. But you know deep in your heart that it’s far from being the best album you’ve heard in 2018. A couple albums that are better? “Outside,” “About 30,” “Oso,” “Yxng Dxnzl” even “Iyanu” and “The Mayor of Lagos!” What made the difference? They all have less tracks than “No Bad Songz.”

C’mon! Drake and Nicki may have done that stuff, but it’s December 2018, we don’t want no 20 tracks, Vado! The album could (and would) have been better if a couple tracks that were not nesesari were out. But…


I don’t want to believe G-Worldwide or even any label that knows its onions well would have Kizz (our next Wizkid) drop “No Bad Songz” as his sophomore.

It’s good to be independent, yeah. But wanna know why “Superstar” and “Ayo”  had good music? EME. What about “Face 2 Face”? Kennis. Even “New Era” was cause of G Worldwide. Wanting to be independent (like ) is good, but it comes with it’s curses.


I’d have preferred if Kizz’s album was “Lagos to London” which is mostly collaboration. “No Bad Songz” had a couple of collabos, and actually those are what managed to hold the album together. Imagine there was no Platnumz, no Sark, no Davido, it’s finished.

But then if there’s anything Kizz Daniel is good at, it’s collabos. We knew that way back on the remix of “Woju,” and his stuffs with Sugarboy. Only God knows what was wrong with G Worldwide, though.

Meanwhile, I said I’d ask, why is “For You” not on the album?


I’ve heard this over and over and over again. We love trash music, in Nigeria. We consume so much trash that we don’t even like good music, anymore.

You’re an artist? Good. I’ll tell you this, you may need good music to have a solid Legacy like Fela or 2Baba, but you don’t need good music to sell an album. In-fact, they don’t even know what’s on the album yet, they just buy.

As average as “No Bad Songz” is, it got 100K streams on Boom play, in less than 24 hours. Hit No. 1 on World Album Chart, No. 55 on US iTunes. It doesn’t have anything to do with good music, it’s hype!


In 2016, I wanted to feature Sarkodie on a song. I knew I couldn’t, but I also knew a time was coming when I’d be able to. I think that time is finally here.

If Sark was on Skales’ album, Mayorkun’s, what does his appearance on “No Bad Songz” tell us? Black nigga is doing promo. Thank you!

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