5 things to know about Peruzzi’s Rum & Boogie album

    Davido Music Worldwide sensational singer, Peruzzi just released his highly anticipated album, titled Rum & Boogie.

    5 things to know about Peruzzi's Rum & Boogie album
    5 things to know about Peruzzi’s Rum & Boogie album

    In the light of this release, we have highlighted 5 things to know about Peruzzi’s Rum & Boogie album.

    Artiste with double sides to an album this year

    As we are all cruising and vibing to Peruzzi’s latest album, we should note that this is the first album from any Nigerian artiste this year to come with two sides. That is; an album with a side A and B, which in this case, represents Rum and Boogie.

    Apparently, each side consists of 10 wonderful tracks, making a perfect number of 20 in total.

    First album to feature Don Jazzy on a track this year

    As a matter of fact, this is the first album this year Don Jazzy’s voice can be heard putting his vocals on. It’s quite amazing, Peruzzi got Don baba J on this album not to produce, but to voice.

    So, for the second track of his Boogie side, Peruzzi features Don Jazzy and Phyno on the single titled “Baddest.” Additionally, he is the first artiste to put Phyno and Don on a track.

    A blend of different genres

    Well, this is not a new thing, however, we must commend his brilliant effort in blending different genres on this album. From a launch with Afrobeat to Pop, then a diverse to highlife, coupled with dancehall then back to Afrobeat. Unarguably, this creativity is topnotch and a well-considered thing on Peruzzi’s album.

    Rum & Boogie

    Now, as stated earlier this album is the first of its kind this year, with two sides to it. Moreover, have you wondered what each side means? Well, here’s what Peruzzi says about it;

    “The Rum part represents, or tells, all the love stories and the emotional stuff,” he tells Apple Music, while Boogie is something that he has never tried before.

    According to him “we decided to make it the happy part—it has all the club songs, all the uptempo songs. It’s all the stuff people haven’t seen me do before—me trying new things.”

    A personal review

    The fifth thing about this album is considered from a personal point of view, and that’s the “no flop” side to the album.

    Apparently, I feel the album has all 20 tracks wonderfully produced and a show of creativity from Peruzzi’s side cannot be over-emphasized. Also, this is an album I personally have a “love at first sight” affection for.

    Though the album ought to have been out since last year 2020, releasing it this year with no bad sides to it makes all the rage of prolonging it go away.

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