5 songs from Mohbad you should add to your playlist

    One’s love for street songs is a show of originality and familiarity with the locality, slang, and vibes.

    5 songs from Mohbad you should add to your playlist
    5 songs from Mohbad you should add to your playlist

    Mohbad, a fast-rising Marlian Music artiste has consistently given us good songs to vibe to.

    The 24-year-old artiste started gaining attention when he would do covers for top songs and post on Instagram.

    However, haven built a fan base and started gaining recognition, In December 2019, Naira Marley signed him up.

    He and three other artistes were signed to Marlian Music the same day.

    Since his arrival at Marlian Music, Mohbad has proven beyond doubt that he is a capable artiste.

    Mp3bullet looks at 5 Mohbad songs you should add to your playlist.

    Ko Por Ke (Kpk)-  Rexxie ft Mohbad:

    Rexxie ft. Mohbad – KPK (Ko Por Ke)
    Rexxie ft. Mohbad – KPK (Ko Por Ke)

    House producer of Marlian Music Rexxie put Mohbad up for this street jam.

    Though Mohbad is the featured artiste of this song, it could not have made it big in the streets without him.

    Both Marlian acts played their parts simultaneously and gave a song that understands the language of the streets.

    You can’t be a lover of street vibes and not want to give this song a trial.

    With over 11million streams on Audiomack, Kpk peaks our number one Mohbad street songs.


    Ponmo- Mohbad ft Naira Marley & Lil Kesh:

    Mohbad – Ponmo Sweet ft. Naira Marley, Lil Kesh
    Mohbad – Ponmo Sweet ft. Naira Marley, Lil Kesh

    Ponmo is a sensational street banger.

    Indigenous folks will agree, ponmo is one of the most sought after meat some Nigerians can’t do without.

    Here, Mohbad decided not to take up the jam alone, as he featured his boss Naira Marley and Yagi frontier Lil Kesh.

    Mohbad’s lyrical stance in this song is a show of his uniqueness and originality.

    You can decode the message trying to describe the pleasure of the woman’s private part “normal ponmo sweet.”

    You will also notice him trying to shade those who use “sweetners” to have a satisfying private part when there isn’t a bitter one.

    Vibing to ponmo deserves its own street dancing skills.

    Ponmo has recorded 10million plus steams on Audiomack.

    koma Jensun- Mohbad ft Naira Marley:

    Mohbad ft. Naira Marley – Koma Jensun Mp3 Download
    Mohbad ft. Naira Marley – Koma Jensun Mp3 Download

    Mohbad teams up again with his boss Naira Marley as they produced this irresistible banger.

    This is Mohbad‘s first debut release after signing into Marlian Music in December 2019.

    Koma jensun which means (did not let me sleep) is an illustration of a marlian girl who did not let Marley sleep.

    The lyrics connote a marlian girl who never gets tired of sex and wants to take their life in bed.

    Officially released in February 2020, Koma Jenaun has 6million streams on Audiomack.


    Adura- Mohbad ft Bella Shmurda:

    Bella Shmurda x Mohbad Adura Mp3 Download
    Bella Shmurda x Mohbad Adura Mp3 Download

    The musical artwork these two put into this gospel-like song makes it imperative to be added as Mohbad songs that should be on your playlist.

    With the melodious subtle beat, the prayers and well wishes from the song admit the singers are intellectually creative.

    Bella Shmurda being the featured artiste made known his presence with his lyrics.

    Adura is a song that requests God answers their prayers, and if any stumbling block should be destroyed.

    Though released in 2019, the song still has a great impact with unforgettable lyrics.


    Sorry- Mohbad:

    Mohbad - Sorry
    Mohbad – Sorry

    Sorry as it is titled is a story that depicts past regret Mohbad is sorry from.

    Mohbad expresses himself in this song and elaborates on the offensive life he has lived in the past.

    He pours his emotions out, as he takes a look back and nods his head full of regrets.

    His literary tone explains the kind of life he was subjected to and how tired he is of such a life.

    From a poor humble background, the singer begins to narrate the ordeals of life he passes through on a daily basis.

    Not to forget, how his parents struggled to give him a better life by sending him to the Polytechnic.

    Still, Mohbad didn’t attend classes and it seems all the efforts of his parents were going to be in vain.

    However, he concluded music found him, and since then things have changed.

    This is a song you should add to your playlist if you desire to reflect on past deeds.


    5 songs from Mohbad that you add to your playlist

    • Ko Por Ke (Kpk)- Rexxie ft Mohbad
    • Ponmo- Mohbad ft Naira Marley & Lil Kesh
    • Koma Jensun- Mohbad ft Naira Marley
    • Adura- Mohbad ft Bella Shmurda
    • Sorry- Mohbad

    Worthy Mentions

    • Balan Zia Gar- Mohbad
    • Over Hype- Mohbad
    • Marlians Anthem- Mohbad

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