5 Songs By Nigerian Artists That Have Deep Meanings

In a fit of nostalgia we’ve decided to look back at some old songs by some of our favorite Nigerian artists.


These songs are still entertaining and easy to vibe to. Some made it to the clubs, some were a popular radio jam. Here’s Mp3bullet.com #FlashbackFriday list of songs by Nigerian artists:

1) ft – Way

At face value this song was a yab song, a diss to the more educated folks in society.

Especially considering the Yoruba part of the lyrics that’s loosely translated to mean, “I knew I wasn’t smart from class 1, you spoke English, I spoke broken English and I got F9 in Mass Comm but I’m calculating $100,000…”

However, if you re-evaluate the song again, you’d understand that it encourages those who think they are failures because they are dropouts.

and tell them they can make it in life, regardless of their upbringing or intellect.

2) ft Twin Broda

Typical of most songs by , this song attacks a particular societal issue.

But this time around it focuses on reprimanding people that don’t want to pay up for services rendered. Sound Sultan basically wants whoever he’s referring to to, “Show me the money, I no be your bro. Don’t call me your brother.”

If you listen to ‘s Bitch Better Have my Money and ‘s Money after this you’d have a better understanding of this track.

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3) ft Standing Ovation

I will always consider this track as Tiwa’s comeback song. A part of the lyric even states; “Tell everyone your boo is back from her vacation.”

On the heels of the controversies about Tiwa and her ex-husband, she collaborated with to tell everyone she doesn’t care what they think about her, as long as she keeps making her money while entertaining her fans.

4) Adekunle Gold – Ire

In the days before Adekunle Gold veered to serving us alternative music, he made us reflect about life’s journey, telling us that; “The grass is greener on the other side. That’s what I thought before I took the ride…”

5) ft Olamide – Fada Fada

Otherwise known as the Ghetto Gospel, uses this song as a form of thanksgiving.

In Fada Fada, Phyno recalls how he rose from ghetto life to becoming the star we all know him to be now.

The song basically highlights his life story, of how he, “Came, saw and conquered.”

Which Nigerian song has deep meanings for you?

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