5 Pan-African Music Collaborations You Will Love To Listen To

Music is a sort of international language – you don’t need to learn foreign words or things like that, you just need to listen to the notes and make them resound in your mind and soul.

5 Pan-African Music Collaborations You Will Love To Listen To
5 Pan-African Music Collaborations You Will Love To Listen To

Music has the wonderful power of joining people from different places and cultures. It’s extraordinary when people who don’t have anything in common start feeling much closer to each other thanks to the same music they are listening to.

Music And Entertainment Bring Us All Together

From this perspective, you will easily understand how music can bring artists together for great collaborations. That’s how new albums featuring foreign artists can be born.

Nigeria and have always had a strong relationship in many fields, including music. Probably, these two countries are some of the most cooperative nations on the entire continent, so it shouldn’t be shocking that singers and musicians from Nigeria may want to share the same project with -based artists and vice versa.

Also, both Nigerian and are two leading countries in Africa for their recent infrastructure renewal but also for reasons, including the introduction and diffusion of mobile payment systems among the population. Another aspect that brings Nigeria and closer is the relationship people living in both countries have with gambling. It seems that they make up for most of the currently registered users on the casinos of Africa Casinos, one of the largest and most developed gambling-oriented guides online.

gambling along with sports betting are two of the most diffused forms of entertainment among young people in both countries, which speaks itself about the high-level familiarity they have with modern technologies.

Finally, advanced IT is another field that shows how both and Nigeria are truly working to stand out in the African continent. New startups in the IT industry are popping up year after year, which is a positive sign of economic growth for these two important countries.

Here are The Finest Collaboration Songs

What happens when different artists meet and decide to share a project? The answer is pretty easy for those of you who already have a certain knowledge of how things usually go in the music industry: those artists start composing, playing, and singing new songs together.

The results are just stunning, as you can see from the following finest music collaborations between artists from Nigeria and Ghana:

  1. R2Bees – “Slow Down” (ft. WizKid)
    R2Bees is a duo made up of Faisal Hakeem and Rashid Mugeez. They create and sing in the hiplife and hip-hop categories. The duo is based in but they decided to start a collaboration with Nigerian Starboy in 2013 for “Slow Down“, a single which is only the beginning of a flourishing music partnership between the three artists. In fact, Efya, another Nigerian artist, joined Starboy a few years later making the group grow larger.
  2. R2Bees – “Kiss Your Hand” (ft. Wande Coal)
    It was 2009 when Nigerian artist Wande Coal, who was enjoying the peak of success in that time, decided to travel to to meet R2Bees and start a new collaboration. tasted the true music freestyle that is typical to Ghanaian music. “Kiss Your Hand” is where some elements of freestyle flowed down. This song contains strong love declarations topped by the unique voice of Wande Coal.
  3. BOJ – “Awolowo” (ft. Kwesi Arthur, Darkovibes & Joey B)
    The feel-good lifestyle seems to be the main protagonist of “Awolowo”. This song of 2019 keeps close to the storytelling tradition with several artists taking turns in singing the verses. BOJ’s ever-distinctive voice brings an extraordinary addition to this song.
  4. 2Face – “My Love” (ft. VIP)
    It was the year 2006 when this song reached its best success when Nigerian epic artist 2Face decided to join the Ghanaian hiplife group VIP. What’s more, “My Love” is inspired by traditional Jamaican folk songs, which adds a unique personality to the song style.
  5. Tony Tetuila – “2Women” (ft. VIP)
    “2 Women” appeared in the artist’s 2006 album, Free Soldier. The song is built on Tony’s difficulty to decide for women, from which his complicated relationship with them emerges. The participation of the trio of VIP adds hiplife elements that make the song sounds like a funny thing rather than a love declaration as one may expect it.

We’ve discovered so many common aspects and artistic works between Nigeria and Ghana. We truly that music needs collaborations like these in the future to renew, mix up, create amazing masterpieces to make the history of music.

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