5 Nigerian Songs you should listen to on Democracy Day

    Democracy Day is here again and so what better way to bask in our Nigerian-ness than to listen to 5 beautifully written songs about Nigeria.

    5 Nigerian Songs you should listen to on Democracy Day
    5 Nigerian Songs you should listen to on Democracy Day

    As we commemorate the 21st year of uninterrupted democracy, we’ve compiled the perfect Nigerian songs to get you in the spirit.

    Democracy Day is the day when the country was restored back into the hands of a democratically elected government and used to be celebrated on the 29th of May but was moved to June 12th by President Buhari in 2019.

    Here are 5 beautiful songs you should listen to on Democracy day.

    Timi Dakolo- One Nation

    Timi Dakolo- Great Nation
    Timi Dakolo- Great Nation

    Timi Dakolo’s best song, arguably, and with his outstanding discography, that is saying a lot. The lyrics describe how peace, unity, and justice can be used to make a wonderful nation.

    In this uplifting and testosterone-spiking song, Timi Dakolo invokes emotion, belief, pride, and dignity as he extols the majesty, abundance, and resilience of the country and its citizens, imagining a world where there is hope for us.

    Funmi Adams- Nigeria My Beloved Country

    Funmi Adams‘ masterpiece, arguably the best song on our list, gives pure nostalgia and joy to every listener. It discusses Nigerian unity and what it means to be a true Nigerian.

    Ty Bello- Green Land

    Ty Bello-Green Land

    A lovely song with an even lovelier message about patience, hope, and reward. It also helps that it is extremely catchy and well-executed.

    Veno Marioghae- Nigeria Go Survive

    When Nigerians cried out for basic necessities during the military government, this great song was created. In that moment of crisis, the lyrics brought hope, and they are still remarkably effective today.


    African China – Mr President

    African China-Mr President
    African China-Mr President

    One of the advantages of democracy is that citizens may hold their leaders accountable for their deeds or inactions, and African China is more than capable of doing so.

    Singing ”Food e no dey, brother eh, water no dey, and our country no good o, everyday for thief, one day for the owner”. (There is no food, no water, the country is not good, it’s everyday for the thief and a day for the owner).

    He urges the leaders to execute their jobs as elected officials and lead us wisely.

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