5 Nigerian Songs That Will Calm You Down When You Listen to Them

Mp3bullet.ng has created a list of songs that will help you calm down, when necessary. Some of these songs have a jazzy feel to them, others have a more Afrobeats tune.

5 Nigerian Songs That Will Calm You Down When You Listen to Them
5 Nigerian Songs That Will Calm You Down When You Listen to Them

You might be going through a frustrating moment, or trying to negotiate your way how out of being scolded. But one sure thing is that everyone needs things that help calm them down, even songs.

Either way, you are sure to find them soothing to your mind. Here’s a list of them:

ft Ego – Feyin E

No matter what the condition is, you need to take a step back to reflect.

You might end up laughing out loud, realizing how ridiculous the situation is. You might have a sudden brainstorm, a moment of eureka, that provides a solution.

The constant thing and Ego say in this song is, “Put a smile on your face, no matter condition.”  That’s the real message.

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– Uyo Meyo


uses this song to talk about her process so far; how she grew from posting videos of her singing, to having a sold out concert.

It’s easy to marvel at her journey through life when you watch her video.

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Uyo Mayo basically says there’s sunshine beyond the clouds. So, calm down, you’ll get there.

ft – Tchelete (Good life)


and delivered on this song. Telling listeners that the good life is worth celebrating, even the little things that are often overlooked.

You never know, like the little boy who negotiated his way through a scolding, the little things you do might turn out to be the best you’ve done so far.


ft – Gimme Love


This might be a love song, but it’s blues sets the right mood for tranquillity.

Gimme Love is one song that can make you wish on the stars, with a clearer mind.

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– On the Low


Another love song, style. The mix of jazz, Afropop, and reggae in this song gets you into a sudden groove.

The vibe of the song encourages you to sit back, with a cool drink in hand and a view.

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What songs helps you calm down? Are they on this list? Let us know in the comments.

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