5 New Jams That Should Put On Your Playlist Right Away

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Well, it happened that the floodgate was opened and a lot of music rained down, during the past week. From guys that you wouldn’t expect, even. But it came.

5 New Jams That Should Put On Your Playlist Right Away

Remember how the last days of summer are usually the best? We may be having that experience musically, now. The music is banging, and captivating, and they’re all the good stuff. Music that will definitely burst your brain.

Quickly, here are five fire jams you might wanna put on your playlist if you want it to be airtight. Right away.

Since ’s entry to the scene, he’s been a wonder boy. But the wonders he was doing weren’t enough to show he really got something more in him. Perhaps, he’s just a guy who can’t do anything without . And really, the guy didn’t have solo hits. Although he has been on big hits like, “Aza” and Amaka”, they’ve always been collaborations.

If he was worth the hype, he needed to prove it. Without anybody assisting him, of course. Because that’s how star does. We may finally have something here we can write home about, though.

His new song “Nana” is noticeably an exceptional work of art from an exceptional artist. First, it’s not the usual afrobeats he’s known to burst on. And then, his vibe on this song is completely different. You can say improvement? Peruzzi is in a good place right now, and if you want your playlist to be in a good place, you have to put “Nana” on it.

Oh, here goes our shot at a year without a DMW hit song. Davido has been MIA for a while now, and so has his whole crew. He did do “Blow My Mind” and although that blew our minds, we are all like Oliver Twist and we want more.

“On God”, with its high tempo afro tune is the perfect jam for a groove. I mean, if you want to shake your body and also sing along to something tight, it’s “On God.” Davido, , and did exceptionally well on this one. It’s cool.

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is back in his element, with those “Fada Fada” types of jams, which are especially cool when they have someone else doing the stuff with him.

This time, it’s PH’s first son, , who did real justice to his part on the jam. He wasn’t slack, if you ask. “All I See” had quite some Igbo on it, but it’s still a cool vibe for everyone. There’s no reason you’re not jamming this, this week.

“Bring out your handkerchief, my people.” has been making dance floors scatter, from the way back. Since his “Sekem” hit, he’s been back with some really great stuff.

Well, “Asa Mbodo” is a dance tune, but it’s also about a beautiful woman who’s his love interest. Who doesn’t like a love song they can dance to?

Why wouldn’t you have this already, when everyone can’t stop talking about it? The amazing remix to Lyta’s “Monalisa”, initiated by OBO himself, after a series of Social Media messages.

Recall that Lyta recently left ’s and Davido agreed to jump on his song, and according to Lyta, even paid for the video that was shot off-shore.

Well, if for nothing else, OBO is on this one. You should definitely be banging it!

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