5 Kizz Daniel’s Song Used in Kenny Blaq’s 2019 Oxymoron Show

    For today, Mp3bullet.ng has decided to look at 5 Kizz Daniel songs used in Kenny Blaq’s 2019 comedy show Oxymoron 2019.

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    Kizz Daniel

    Currently one of the hottest comedians in the Nigerian entertainment industry, Kenny Blaq has been holding fans spellbound by using music to narrating funny stories.

    Famous for his unique patter of doing comedy, Kenny Blaq remains the only comedian in the Nigerian music industry who uses music to tell his comical stories.

    However, Our very own king of No Bad song Kizz Daniel was not spared in the 2019 edition of Oxymoron as Kenny Blaq decided to use his songs alongside that of legendary singer 2baba to wow fans during the show that held at Eko hotel.

    Mp3bullet.ng will be looking at 5 Kizz Daniel’s songs and lines from the songs used in Kenny Blaq’s Oxymoron show.


    • Woju

    The First Kizz Daniel song used by Kenny Blaq at the Oxymoron show is Woju. Released in 2014 Woju which was a hit as at the time of release stole the heart of many Nigerian music lovers. Kenny Blaq used Woju when was narrating a fictional story of how Kizz Daniel met Juliet Ibrahim. According to him the pickup line that Kizz Daniel used on Juliet Ibrahim was from Woju track.


    Kenny Blaq using Kizz Daniel song as a pickup line chorused:

    Nor be you I carry come But na you I go carry go Sisi Agbarigo eh ya Yo wey
    Nor be you I dey check on o But na you I wanna know know know know know
    Sisi Ferari o eh ya Yo wey
    Very sweet Very nice Baby tu di du di du Odikwa tight (Odikwa tight)
    Sho’ mo pe o sexy Ma lo rogo ya lo ni
    Otun mo pe o de wa pa O wa fe ma buga si emi
    Woju o Le le le le le le le
    Baby ko ya woju o Le le le le le le
    • Laye

    Another Kizz Daniel’s song used by Kenny Blaq in his Oxymoron show is Laye.  Kenny Blaq used lines from the song when Juliet Ibrahim accused him of Dating Chindinma. Denying Juliet Ibrahim’s accusation, Kenny Blaq swore Used lines from Kizz Daniel Yoruba and English mixed song Laye. When asked by Juliet Ibrahim  if he was dating Chidinma Kenny black responded by singing:


    Laye eh, laye eh baby ko jo
    I just want let you know
    I just want make you know o
    Laye eh, laye eh baby ko jo
    I just want let you know baby pe ko jo o


    • Yeba

    Yeba is another Kizz Daniel’s song used in the 2019 edition of Kenny Blaq’s Oxymoron. the song was used in the scene where Kenny Blaq was being dealt with by Juliet Ibrahim’s parent who was acting like Kung Fu fighters. The intro of Yeba was used to well depict the scene where Kenny Blaq was handled.


    Rough handling Kenny Blaq, Juliet Ibrahim parent at the stage play chorused:

    Ah one, o de
    Ah two, o de de
    Ah three o de de de


    • Jombo

    Jombo by Kizz Daniel was used after Kenny Blaq was rough handled by Juliet Ibrahim’s Parent and was asked by Juliet Ibrahim what happened between him and her parent responding to Juliet Ibrahim, Kenny  Blaq chorused :


    Your father is violent Ole mi de’le oh
    Jombo jombo jumbo Will you be fine daddy oh
    Your mother is black belt She sabi karate oh
    Jombo jombo jumbo Abeg no vex for me oh


    • No Do

    The final Kizz Daniel song used at 2019 Kenny Blaq’s Oxymoron is No Do. a line from this song was used when Juliet Ibrahim talked about Kenny Blaq being able to handle her full package then Kenny Blaq replied with a line from No do which chorused :


    Peperipe peperipepe Oh yeah, oh yeah yeah
    No go dey do pass yourself
    No go dey do pass yourself
    Pepe ripe peperipepe No go dey do pass yourself



    Watch Full Video of Kenny Blaq Oxymoron Below:


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