5 Jobs That Do Not Require Past Experience

    Many job seekers face the same problem — they cannot find work without experience, and they cannot acquire experience without work.

    5 Jobs That Do Not Require Past Experience
    5 Jobs That Do Not Require Past Experience

    This vicious cycle is observed in any country, including Nigeria. Fortunately, some jobs do not require any prior achievements. Here are five of the most common options.

    1. Photographer/Photo Editor

    If you excel in photography, you may earn up to N4 million per year. Having a
    Bachelor of Arts in the subject will help you, but it is not obligatory. Today,
    there are many other courses you could take that touch upon art, marketing,
    business, etc.

    As a result of online learning, you will create your initial portfolio. Upload your
    work to social media platforms and start promoting yourself! Finding clients is
    not hard if you are talented and your photography stands out.

    Courses are particularly important in narrow niches like industrial photography, scientific photography, or photojournalism. A certain degree of technical expertise may be expected from those who specialize in freelance photography and portrait.

    2. Freelance Writer

    A freelance writer in Nigeria may make up to N2 million per annum.
    Freelancing is increasingly common, particularly after the Covid-19 outbreak. These writers produce content for different media — newspapers, magazines, websites, and blogs, and their subjects are very different: e.g., fashion, computer science, sports, crime, etc.

    Basically, there are two main roles: you can be either a reporter or a content writer. In many cases, these experts are all self-employed, and they produce articles upon request. This requires searching, building, investigating stories, and creating their own ones.

    Freelancers may be hired as foreign correspondents, in which case they relocate abroad. To succeed in this profession and make your income consistent, you need to be business-minded, ambitious, and competitive.

    3. Online Trader

    Nigeria has a vast community of online traders. Even before the pandemic hit, they bought and sold immense volumes of currency — the country came second on the continent after South Africa. The beauty of online trading is that anyone can learn it, and no formal qualifications are required.

    Traders make money by buying and selling currencies in the global market using platforms and apps. As the exchange rates are always changing, a well-timed operation can bring considerable returns. Income depends on a number of factors — your initial investment, strategy, risk management, and mindset.

    On average, gifted traders may achieve a 10% monthly return. The goal is to predict trends in the market. By looking at the bullish candlestick in Nigeria or another market, traders open long or short positions to buy or sell, respectively.

    Aside from Forex trading, there are many other avenues: stocks, precious metals, and derivatives like CFDs.

    Eventually, you will be able to assemble a diverse portfolio of assets that will bring profit across different markets and instruments. It is possible to start small.

    Really small. For example, the Forextime broker allows beginners to start at only $10. All education is completely free, and demo accounts are unlimited.

    Forex trading
    Forex trading

    4. Sales Representative

    This job can bring you as much as N3 million per year. Salespeople help customers decide which products or services to buy and encourage purchases. Aside from interacting with leads, they should prepare contracts and meet sales targets.

    And at this job, you will be on your feet a lot. Income may be based on commissions or a salary. Sales representatives take part in negotiations, give online presentations, and finalize deals.

    5. Social Media Analyst

    If you love social media, you can make a living analyzing it and get up to N3 million annually. To succeed, you may need some background and marketing.

    However, no special degree is required. Social media analysts work on the creation and improvement of their employer’s online presence and brand awareness. To accomplish these goals, you will use different social media features and SEO tools and be responsible
    for the company’s official blog.

    No Experience? No Problem
    As you can see, there are quite a few opportunities for inexperienced candidates. You can also become an online trader and work for yourself, without clients or employers. The Internet provides a wide range of tools that can be used to monetize skills and talents.

    These are only some of the possible avenues. Remember: the absence of experience is no barrier. You can still become a successful expert and build a lasting career. Choosing a field that really inspires you is the foundation of a fulfilling professional life.

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