5 Artists Who Have Collaborated With Veteran Musicians

Nigerian artists are known for their superb collaborations, home and abroad. Yet, few have worked closely with veteran musicians, and gotten it right.

5 Artists Who Have Collaborated With Veteran Musicians
5 Artists Who Have Collaborated With Veteran Musicians

The ones that achieved this, did it so well that it became hard to distinguish their voices from the older artists.

In actuality, they are so similar to the veteran musicians, both artists become one personality for the duration of the song.

Here are the collaborations done far, that we’ve enjoyed:

ft – Egungun be Careful Remix


The remix might not be one to write home about, but the collab is.

and brought the best out of each, they were well mixed. At the onset of his career, Obesere was referred to as the African Michael Jackson, and he sure brought on that vibe into this song.

Obesere added the necessary spice to the remix of Egungun be Careful.

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ft Dr – Baby Jowo Remix


got on stage with the late veteran musician, adding his African Queen tone to the remix of Baby Jowo.

This remix is a great companion to the original song, and we will remember Dr every time we listen to it.

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ft – Jaiye Jaiye


Jaiye Jaiye is the first single on ’s sophomore album, Chosen.

contributed his instrumentals to the song, blowing away on his trumpet while Wizkid sang, thanking God for being able to, “Jaiye Jaiye.”


ft KWAM 1 – Anifowose


takes us through a journey of his childhood, telling a tale of the sufferings he encountered through life until he made it.

Mp3bullet.ng believes that Olamide regards King Wasiu Ayinde Marshall () as a role model, which is one of the things that makes this song so poignant.

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ft – Shekere


Shekere is a subtle remix of s song, Wombo Lombo , and it couldn’t have been better. This is the best collaboration on this list.

The video, the sound, the rhymes, the dance, everything was in sync.

Typical of songs by , Shekere puts a beat to your feet, and Angelique Kidjo‘s voices persuades you to join in the fun.

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