5 Artists Don Jazzy Has Had beef With Since His Debut

    Mp3bullet.ng presents Artists Don Jazzy has beef with.

    5 Artists Don Jazzy Has Had beef With Since His Debut
    5 Artists Don Jazzy Has Had beef With Since His Debut

    Since his rise to fame, Don Jazzy has had beef with the following artists.

    Nigerian music is known for a number of famous singers having beef with one another and venting their frustrations on social media.

    Don Jazzy is a mega-producer who has had his fair share of conflicts with the entertainment industry. Whether he beefed someone first or the other way around.


    Here are 5 artists with whom the Mavin Boss has had a falling out.


    Don Jazzy explains what led to his split with D'banj
    Don Jazzy and D’banj

    D’banj is Don Jazzy’s long-time collaborator, with whom they co-founded Mo’Hits Records and rose to the pinnacle of the Nigerian music industry.

    D’banj and Don Jazzy were an unbreakable duo, and no one could see them ever breaking up.

    Surprisingly, things with his partner Don Jazzy fell out just as D’banj was striving to take his career to the next level and establish himself as an internationally important music act.

    They called it quits and went their separate ways, each launching two new labels on their own.

    They have since settled and have been spotted at events together and fans have had the opportunity of also seeing them perform together, some of the massive hits they cooked together.


    Nigerian artists who fought and later settled their beef
    Don Jazzy and Olamide

    Olamide and Don Jazzy had a falling out in 2016 over Mavin Act, Reekado Banks, winning the ‘Next Rated’ act over YBNL’s Lil Kesh, which Olamide didn’t find humorous at all.

    When YBNL’s won an award for his song “Sade” in the best alternative category, Olamide used the occasion to express his displeasure with Lil Kesh’s lack of recognition. Don Jazzy felt like Olamide was throwing shades at him during his outburst.

    Don Jazzy, who was later honoured, chose to respond to Olamide’s outburst by calling him out and telling him to take the Car he truly desired it. The ‘Next Rated’ category winner is gifted with a car.

    Moments later, Olamide went on Twitter and insulted Don Jazzy in the most unbelievable way.

    Their beef was later settled by some prominent figures in and the two have an amicable friendship. Their artists have also collaborated on a few occasions.

    Wande Coal

    Don Jazzy shares how he met Wande Coal
    Don Jazzy and Wande Coal

    Wande Coal was signed to D’banj and Don Jazzy’s Mo’Hits records, but he had to split with Don Jazzy when their previously pleasant relationship soured.

    Wande Coal left Mavins Records under what appeared to be contentious circumstances at some point.

    Don Jazzy and Wande Coal had a Twitter spat a few months later when Don Jazzy accused Wande of stealing his song “Baby Hello” and disclosed Wande had stolen his intellectual property.


    5 Artists Don Jazzy Has Had beef With Since His Debut

    JJC led the biggest Nigerian band, ‘JJC and 419 Squad,’ which toured the United Kingdom years ago. D’banj, Don Jazzy, JJC, Kween, and others were among the members of this group.

    Don Jazzy persuaded D’banj to leave the United Kingdom and relocate to Nigeria, where the duo quickly established themselves as a formidable force causing JJC to throw shades at Don Jazzy and D’banj in various interviews.

    JJC and Don Jazzy reconciled and put their differences behind them after a few years. They were both seen together in the Mavin Records studio in 2014.



    5 Artists Don Jazzy Has Had beef With Since His Debut

    Kayswitch is D’banj’s younger brother, and when the Mo’Hit ship sank due to a feud between D’banj and Don Jazzy, Kayswitch was quick to leave with his older brother, D’banj.

    Kayswitch while in Mo’Hits felt like he wasn’t treated like he ought to be and took to music to diss Don Jazzy in a subliminal way. Some of the lines from his includes:

    1. “Won ri mi won ni pe mo sese bere, Bon se foju dimi mi o sese bere” – Saying Don Jazzy saw him and said he just started his music career when he joined Mohit in 2004, and the music producer looked down on him.

    2. “Won ri mi won ni pe mo sese bere, se obo ni mi abi mo je ogede” – Saying Don Jazzy saw him and said he just started his music career when he joined mohit in 2004, Kay Switch replied saying “Does he look like a monkey or was he found eating banana”.

    3. “I Can Give You This, I can give you that” – Don Jazzy promises he can give him this and he can give him that but he didn’t get anything from Don Jazzy!

    4. “Emi Ni Dapo, Awon Angel Michael, Awon Tokunbo, Emi Ni Dolapo” – Direct translation “I am Dapo and they are Angel Michael, They are from abroad and i am mixed with wealth. – Kay Switch declares to his brother D’banj whose first name is Dapo and Don Jazzy whose first name is Michael Claims he can provide it all, he is Angel Michael. Tokunbo means used product from abroad while he (Kay Switch) is Dolapo – A child mixed with Wealth.

    Kay Switch was not treated properly while with Mo’Hit, according to sources close to him, and he was never on Don Jazzy’s list of artists to on for an album release since joining them in 2004. However, aside from features, Kay Switch does not have an official single under Mo’Hit.

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