4 Nigerian Artists with unusual pets

    It’s common for people to get domestic pets which could either be a dog or a cat but some of our favorite artists decided to go for animals that we weren’t taught to see as domestic pets.

    4 Nigerian Artists with unusual pets
    4 Nigerian Artists with unusual pets

    When Wizkid showed off his Pet Goat in 2018, many fans were stunned as this particular animal usually belongs in a pot of stew or soup, however, it’s Wizkid right?

    Now, other artists have joined the throngs in picking unusual animals as a pet. Here is the list of Nigerian artists with their pets.

    Wizkid – Goat

    In 2018, Starboy shocked fans when he dropped a picture of a goat and asked them to pick a name for him.

    This event led to a series of jokes but some interpreted his unusual choice of a pet because of the name, As GOAT is also an acronym for “Greatest of all Time”. Though that was the last time we heard anything about the Goat. We wondered what happened to it.

    DJ Cuppy – Lion

    DJ Cuppy decided to purchase a pet for herself from Fame Park, Dubai in 2018 and name it after herself ‘Cuppy’.

    The decision to purchase the loin cub came after she went to visit one of Dubai’s wealthiest men Mr. Belhasa who showed her around his residence and she saw the beauty because of the animals there.

    Ten Months after, she went to visit the animal and posted pictures of the now-grown adult Lion.

    Burna Boy – Monkey

    Burna Boy earlier in the year got himself a pet monkey. Monkeys are now getting commonly picked as domestic pets and it seemed Burna picked a monkey as it’s from the same family as a gorilla, the animal he uses a logo.

    He also named the Monkey, “Obo” which is the yoruba for Monkey.

    Blaqbonez – Hen

    Rapper Blaqbonez got people talking when he revealed he got a chicken as a pet. While some fans thought it was just a joke, the rapper has made it known he is being serious.

    His choice of the animal is probably inspired by his recent single, “BBC” which means “Big Black Cock”.

    He also named it ‘Bisi” and recently took it on a boat ride to the jealousy of his fans.


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