Top 5 Naija songs turning 20 years in 2020

The year 2000 was the end of the 20th century and the start of another phase. A lot of advancement took place in that year and the Music Industry wasn’t left behind.

Top 5 Naija songs turning 20 years in 2020
Top 5 Naija songs turning 20 years in 2020

The songs released in 2000 were considered fresh and innovative and remain instantly recognizable and classic to this date. These Naija songs are turning 20 years in 2020

Over the last 20 years, the Nigerian Music Industry has also experienced major revolution ushering in a new style, sound, and talent but the classics by Nigerian musicians remain evergreen.

Azadus – You is the one

“You is the One” is a love song by Olalekan Fadeyi who was known by his stage name Azadus. He was signed to Kennis Music and released his self titled album of which the song, “You is the One” was part of.


Plantasun Boiz – Don’t you know

Plantashun Boiz was a Nigerian Hip Hop and R’n’B bot group consisting of 2face now known as 2Baba, , and Blackface.

They were undoubtedly the most successful and iconic boy group in Nigeria. In the early period of there career through 1998-2002, they won just about all the awards imaginable in the Nigerian music and social scene before their split prematurely.

The group produced hits songs during their time together but their memorable one is ‘Don’t You Know” from their debut album “Body and Soul: The Begining”.


Lagbaja – Gra Gra

Veteran Afrobeat Musician, Lagbaja was known for entertaining and socially conscious songs which were always a hit with music lovers.

The Masked Singer was famous for his Saxophone which was an important factor of his unique sound. One of his memorable song, “Gra Gra” was released about 20 years ago.

The song told the story of a from Lagbaja’s perceptive and how he responds to the situation. In the song, Lagbaja warns his opponent against looking for and pride.


Maintain Featuring Big Bamo – Ni Bo Lawa

Maintain was a Music duo group consisting of and his cousin, Tolu Maintain. Later Big Bamo joined them. The group released six albums between 1998 and 2004 with the hit songs “I Catch Cold”, “Domitila” and “Alo” before they separated in 2004.

Their song “Ni Bo Lawa” was released in 2000.


TrybesMen – Nonsense

Trybesmen (also known as Da Trybe) is an African hip-hop group from Lagos, Nigeria. They were described as the pioneers of Hip Hop in Nigeria.

The group was made up of original members Eldee, Kaboom, and Freestyle and later Oladele and TKO joined the group after the departure of Kaboom and Freestyle.

The group dropped their first album, “L.A.G style Volume 1” twenty years ago and one of their memorable song is “ Nonsense”.

The song tackled the Nigerian Government and corruption in a satirical manner and it remains one of the group’s biggest hits.


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