Eldee Warns Music Artists Against Signing ‘Shit Deals’

Veteran Nigerian Singer Eldee the Don has warned Nigerian artists against signing shit deals.


The former trybesmen member who gave this warning in reaction to controversies surrounding the career of Cynthia Morgan said that once an artist decides to sign the shitty contract, it means they have honoured it.

Educating artists in a twitter thread, the veteran songster suggested that artists could always renegotiate if terms longer favour them.

He further advised artists to get a lawyer if they were not sure of what the contract terms and condition means.

Taking to his social media page to Warn artists against signing  Shit deals, Eldee wrote:

If a company offers you a shit deal, DO NOT sign it. Once you decide to sign it, you have to honor it. Not doing so hurts in the system.

If you’re not sure what the terms and clauses mean, GET A LAWYER who can interpret the terms. If considered favorable at the of signing, know that it is binding once you do sign. There’ turning back.

Don’t willingly sign a contract & then turn around a while later to complain about how you’re being “cheated”. If the terms are longer favorable, renegotiate, but that your partner also reserves the right to accept the new terms.

In conclusion, know that every we get on the internet and tell the rest of the world that We believe it is okay not to honor contracts, we are hurting ourselves and our economy

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