Rema Covers US Magazine; Fader’s Now Issue 2020


Popular Nigerian teen music star; Rema joins the likes of Drake and to Fader’ Magazine The Now Issue 2020.

Rema Covers US Magazine; Fader's Now Issue 2020
Rema Covers US Magazine; Fader’ Now Issue 2020

records artiste; Rema breaks boundaries as he covers the prestigious Newyork magazine; Fader, as reported by us at “.ng”.

2019 has no doubt been a phenomenal year for the “Bad commando” hitmaker as he rounds a successful music year as the of Fader’ Now issue 2020.

This is no doubt a big win of the singer, as long as our great country as only top US music stars like Drake & Kendrick Lamar have been able to this magazine.

Inside the issue, Rema talked about his musical journey so far, how he was discovered and signed to mavin. He also talked about how he made some of his mega-hits

Congrats Rema; this is just the tip of the iceberg!!!


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