Does “Judas The Rat” answer all the questions M.I raised about VEC?


It’s not a punchline or wordplay battle, this is more. It’s not just a game of thrones, it’s chess of personalities, where someone’s life might end up wrecked, at the end. Or could there be a stalemate?

M I took the lead, this year, by firing the first shots, on the Cyphers and on multiple occasions VEC, one of Yoruba’s finest rappers, took L’s, as M.I trumped him, not just with lyrical capabilities but by also bringing morals to question.

Truth be told, Vector the Viper’s career and path and everything has become more and more demystified, to a level of ‘see finish’. So what we did when M.I Abaga did “The Viper” was nothing but just watching the body drop, as Pusha T put it. Blaqbonez too weighed in, and for what it’s worth, it’s just to restate on whose side he’s on. Not that it really was impossible in any way. M.I already did the finishing touches, but the whole thing wasn’t just gonna’ go away. Not at this point where it’s got dirty.

Does “Judas The Rat” answer all the questions M.I raised about VEC?
Does “Judas The Rat” answer all the questions M.I raised about VEC?

On “The Viper”, Jude questioned Vector’s involvement in other people’s upliftment and called him ‘jealous’.

But you know how Davolee said he knew Dremo would say he (Davo) didn’t make Baddo any money (not a pun) and that he said it first, so when Dremo says it, it wouldn’t move him an inch? Well, there are a lot of things M.I couldn’t say first.

“I’m the only number one, in the 234” Vector started. The man always liked reminding himself (or maybe us?) that he’s actually good, and he’s not a fluke whatever. But, on a diss track, after things have got bloody already, we don’t care if you’re number one or N6, just drop something that will make us take a deep breath, immediately after a deep sigh.

Vector Tha Viper
Vector Tha Viper

So, Vector dived in, starting from an obvious point of view. Jesse Jagz. M.I could go tomorrow and do a video of him and his blood brother, Jesse, chilling at the Choc City lounge. That wouldn’t clear our minds, and won’t answer the question “why didn’t it all work out?” Jesse was a talented rapper, and that’s right, it’s a ‘was’. Jesse Jagz had a hit with Wizkid. Remind me, what does he have with M.I? Does he have a career? But that’s obvious. He then talked about the CC mess, and oh my, there’s a Brymo. Dice Ailes was a good rapper, too. VEC even made a pun out of Milli, saying the Chairman wasted him.

So, what about all the questions M.I raised about him? How he didn’t sign anybody. OK, VEC said he put on two guys out of the three he’s parading (Blaqbonez, A-Q)  and all for free. Whoa. Vector did do that though. So what do you want him to do? “Sign a man I wouldn’t sign?” Mad.

M.I Abaga
M.I Abaga

The way of the Lord is not to do everything for gain, I’d suppose. Vector insists that’s all M.I has done. “The only light in the video was black (Blaq)”. Another point, M.I Abaga uses youngins to shine, only to dump them later.

If “The Viper” raised any question about Vector’s personality, Yoruba has got a win this time, because Judas The Rat isn’t just a bitter track about the Choc City boss, it also answers all the questions. And then the facts that we didn’t know. So Abaga had the Hennessy job? And, Vector’s a single dad? He said he succeeded in life!

Plus, everyone he mentioned is currently trending. If Ambode drops a track now, he go blow. That’s what I heard. LOL, right? Exactly!

Meanwhile, you can read how it all started here.

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    MI really murder that pussy Vector so shut ur mouth up

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