Is Blaqbonez the Best Rapper In Africa?


Is the Best Rapper in Africa? On paper, big no. But then we look at it and we’re like “why the hell not?”

For starters, there is absolutely no one that has ever taken the VS Class and is as big as today. Hennessy doesn’t put anyone on the kid’s level, so I guess we could just squash the beef talks and move to a more interesting topic. Best rapper in Africa?Is Blaqbonez the best Rapper in africa mp3bullet

In the past couple of months after hisYou Rapper Should Fix Up Your Life reply, he’s gone up the ranks and unless you think hip-hop is Davido and Wizkid (my pastor does), you will know that Blaq is not just one of the guys keeping hip-hop alive. He’s kinda like the only one.

Blaqbonez Best Rapper In AFrica Mp3bullet

He’s got an album, produced by Abaga, and last year, he could have got the “Best New Rap Act” if there was any category like that. And a number of singles, and collaborations, and freestyles and that.

Perhaps the Chocolate City co-sign was what shot him up to his current status. But, it takes more than that to become a rapper. You can take it from a guy watched Milli and Pryse‘s career never take off.

A-Q and Loose Kaynon too, yeah. But that was also a bet. They were just betting on him, maybe for the future. A year and a half ago, we didn’t know he wasn’t going to become a one-hit-wonder, or worse, a no-hit wonder. But he defied all that when he got C saying he’s fire, and that was because he’s actually fire.

His rap prowess cannot carry a mark, we all know what the big nigga is capable of. His lyrical prowess, as he’s showcased on many tracks (“Martell Cypher”, “BRIA”, “), and his killer versatility. Today he could be trapping (“Off Black”) and tomorrow, he’s a pop star (“PLAY”, “Mamiwota”). It’s not every day you find just any underground rapper who’s that good.

But, he’s not even underground. He may not be Fireboy or T Classic, but when it comes to hip-hop, is probably Africa’s best shot at having a prince. And consistently, he’s proven himself to be better than everyone else has tried to stick their heads up. He is on the Big League.

And since he’s saying it himself, perhaps he’s the current best rapper in Africa. Seriously, the lyrics, the charisma, the platform, the album, and yeah I’m like, why the hell not? At least, he’s not a flop!

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