‘Mo’ Set To Bring Asian Sauce To Nigerian Music Scene.


For Moses Agbonifo, the music industry is a new ground he aims to break into. After spending the best part of a decade making music on the Asian continent in countries like China and India he is currently based, Mo as he is popularly known on stage has decided to come back to display his art in his native country.

‘Mo’ Set To Bring Asian Sauce To Nigerian Music Scene.

Despite being a relatively unknown name in the industry, the talented artiste remains undeterred as he continues to work on his debut single.

In recent weeks, pictures of Mo and boisterous trending artiste surfaced online leading many to that the Azaman crooner could featured in his upcoming single.


Having already built a fan base of his own with his exploits in Asia, Mo’s next challenge is to break into the music industry. With his Asian influenced sound, a unique sense of style and the to make an impact on the music scene, these are indeed exciting times for Mo and his fans should expect the very best from him.

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