2Baba suggests urges Nigerians to package Pidgin English

    Legendary Singer, 2Baba has proposed that pidgin English be packaged as most people understand and speak the language well.

    2Baba suggests urges Professors of Linguistics to package Pidgin English
    2Baba suggests urges Professors of Linguistics to package Pidgin English

    In a Tweet 2Baba made recently, the singer recommended that that pidgin English be packaged.

    He called on Professors of linguistics to help in packaging pidgin English as it’s the language people can speak and hear very well.

    Furthermore, the singer also used pidgin in writing his suggestion.

    In other news, recall that Mp3bullet.ng reported that the singer has broken his silence over his marital crisis that recently went viral on the internet.

    In his post, he asked his family and supporters to respect his personal life.

    He wrote;

    “I admit that bringing our personal issues on social media was not cool but I will not sit back and watch everybody have a free for all battle here in the name of love or solidarity. None of us is perfect.

    I will like to urge our families and supporters to stop the madness and the public to please respect our privacy and our kids, let us deal with our issues internally. I take god beg una.”

    His plead came after leaked audio of his wife, Annie, went viral on social media, detailing how he fled the nation amid their marital drama.

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