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2Baba and Annie’s Chemistry in ‘Iworiwo’ Heightens Confusion

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2Baba and Annie's Chemistry in 'Iworiwo' Heightens ConfusionLarry Gaaga and 2Baba have for sure made our Valentine delightful with their new release ‘Iworiwo’ but left us in confusion as regards and Annie Idibia’s marriage.

Iworiwo is a love song, featuring not only the music ‘god’, 2baba but also his stunning wife, Annie.

Remember that recently trouble was suspected to be looming around the Idibia house as 2baba took to Twitter to write an apology note to his wife. 

However, the chemistry between 2Baba and his wife in ‘Iworiwo’ video will make you wonder if something is truly wrong or maybe fans are just blowing things out of proportion.

Another contributor to our confusion as regards this issue is we actually do not know if this song was made before the 2Baba and Annie saga or after.

But if it was after, then the couple may just be doing okay.

This song will make you not just wish but pray to any God you serve to save their beautiful romance from any evil eye, if there actually is a problem.

’s ‘Iworiwo’ also features the beautiful actress Uche Nwaefuna.

The song was more like a couple affair as each couple roamed around romantically, mesmerizing us in their romance.

If you haven’t seen this lovey duvey video, WATCH AND DOWNLOAD HERE.

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