Peruzzi: 7 Facts You Don’t Know About The “Mata” Singer

  • Peruzzi: 7 Facts You Don’t Know About The “Mata” Singer

DMW’s Peruzzi is one of the hottest kids on the block, right now. I think that doesn’t call for any argument, in October 2018. The hot jams he’s serving, the collabos, the recognition, the Headies of the Year” Award, earlier, this year, and every other thing, are pointers to the fact that Peruzzi is industry’s Next problem.

With songs like “Mata,” “For Your Pocket,” “Aza,” “Amaka,” the DMW collective “Mind,” “Aje” and the rest, we need not stress it, Peruzzi has found his way into the hearts of many music lovers in Nigeria, with his urban Afro vibe. What more do you need to be called a “star”?Peruzzi - 7 Things You Probably Didn't Know About The Mata Singer Mp3bullet

In what is the first installation of our “Facts You Probably Don’t Know” series, here are seven things you (probably) don’t know about DMW’s cat, Peruzzi.


Yeah, Davido is from a Yoruba aristocratic family, and his involvement with people in the Industry has been somewhat around Yoruba guys. OBO even sings in Yoruba sometimes. And then, at a point DMW was filled with budding Yoruba guys. The Ibadan boy, Dremo, Mayorkun, also a Yoruba guy, there were Dammy Krane and Lola Rae talks at some point in time. They are Yoruba, too.

But guess what? Peruzzi ain’t Yoruba. He may have become a Lasgidi boy by naturalization, but then he’s Igbo. While we’re not sure where he’s from exactly, his name is Tobechukwu Victor Okoh, and, your guess is as good as mine.


It’s not everyday we see guys who could have been doctors, breaking into the Industry. But, according to some of his interviews, Peruzzi dropped out of school, to pursue music.

He was a student of Odessa State Medical University, where he was supposed to be studying Medicine and Surgery. He dropped out, and the rest, as they say, is history.


Peruzzi was signed to Davido’s imprint in November, 2017. But In fact, records from various sources shows that he may have been with the DMW family as a ghostwriter, before the signing happened.

This year, when fresh war broke out between the camps of Peruzzi’s former label (Golden Boy Entertainment), in some interview said Peruzzi wrote FIA,”Mind” and a couple DMW songs. And that got us thinking? FIA? Oh, maybe he wrote Aza? What of Aje? What of Assurance? You can never give me an assurance he didn’t write them. No wonder he’s always featured alongside Davido.


Peruzzi used to be signed to a certain label called Golden Boy, and that’s no news again. Then Davido came into the picture, and picked up the boy, signed him. There must have been some misunderstanding.

But then, it must have been settled too. So, next time you think Davido is taking all of Peruzzi’s money, know that there is also a Golden Boy. It’s a joint venture thing, for now.


OK, I know you know this. But it’s worth talking about. Honestly. Since Peruzzi came on the big scene, he’s been all over the place. He’s performed in the biggest cities, and most importantly, he is on some of the hottest songs on town. Wanna talk of the “Collabo of the Year” contender, “Amaka” with Legendary 2 or the Duncan Mighty-assisted “Aza,” or “Run Am” with Davido, produced by GospelOnDeBeatz. There is “Mind,” “Aje,” “Kilode” by Prime, the DMW “Twisted“, Ice Prince‘s latest, “Yawa” and the just released “4U” by DJ Ecool. Different tunes, that have one thing in common – the Peruzzi vibe!


Part of what we’re expecting from the DMW camp is, a joint album from Davido and Peruzzi. Yes, that’s true. Not quite long ago, David took to his Twitter to ask “Who’s ready for that OBO X PERUZZI EP??” Well, we’re ready!


The name Angelo Peruzzi, should strike a chord in your head if you’re a fan of Serie A football league. Angelo, is an Italian goalkeeper, who used to play for AS Roma, and is now a coach at Lazio.

That is to say, the “Mata” singer probably got his name from the keeper. You never can tell. But if it happens that’s not it, we’re still sure “Peruzzi” is an Italian name.

It’s Peruzzi season guys!

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