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Kendrick Lamar had a massively successful 2017: He released a critically acclaimed album, topped the Billboard Hot 100, and received seven Grammy nods. His album featured a ton of hits, including the intimate song “LOVE. FEAT. ZACARI.”

Ahead of Lamar’s Grammy performance, check out the lyrics to his track so that you can be sure you’re singing along right.

Quotable Lyrics:-

Damn, or lust

Damn, all of us

Give me a run for my money

There is nobody, to outrun me

(Another world premier!)

So give me a run for my money

Sipping bubbly, feeling lovely, living lovely

Just me I wanna be with you, ayy,

I wanna be with I wanna be with you, ayy,

I wanna be with I wanna be with you

I didn’t ride blade on curb, would you still ( me)

If I made up my mind at would you still ( me)

Keep it a hundred, I’d rather you trust me than to ( me)

Keep it a whole one hund’, don’t got you I got nothing

Ay, I got something (I got something)

Hol’ up, we gon’ function, no assumptions

Feeling like Tyson wit’ it, knock it out twice

I’m with it, only for the night, I’m kidding

Only for life, you’re a homie for

You’re a homie for life, let’s get it

Hit that shoulder lean, what comin’ over mean

Backstroke oversea, what you need

Already on ten, our money come in

All feeling out, this feeling don’t drought

This party won’t end

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