Ma Lo Video By Tiwa Savage ft Wizkid A Copycat Of Rihanna Work Video?


Malo the long-anticipated video for Malo has been released and it’s my pleasure to write up a short review.

The video features the lovely Tiwa Savage, Wizkid and Spellz displaying their artistic passion.
Tiwa’s pink wig for the first scene of the video is probably the highest point for me as overall I found the video a massive let down. Give me a second, just a little chance to win you over with my viewpoint.

The song had a familiar feel to it and upon watching it the third time it hit me. The Rihanna ‘Work‘ video which presents exactly the same vibe. The first similarity to the Rihanna video that struck me is the dark gothic makeup plastered on Tiwa. It goes with the latex and dark colours throughout the video setting.
The wardrobe team were probably having a bad season as the clothes worn rang a 19th-century French whore house. Wizkid is looking a famous French paint artist missing his paintbrush with that red beret.

Tiwa displays her usual sexy dance moves but did anyone notice it was exactly the same moves. The little side twerk and chest pop, knees down and picked right up.
I found the general sexiness expected from Mavin videos was very much present but yet again. ‘Work work work’ comes to mind. The same slow-mo dance moves, tattooing and couples dancing in the usual denim shorts and fishnets.

I found that Wizkid was stuck in one spot, drowned in the crowd and did not utilise the space. I wanted to see him move a bit, use the props and let that Lagos boy loose. He did not stand out but blended into the background noise. Don’t even get me started on Spellzhe was just simply none existences. Perhaps that was the intention. Regardless I genuinely love Wizkid.

No doubt. Nigerians love Malo, it is a hit song but they didn’t get me all excited about the video. It lacked the vibrant Nigerian feel. Our loud colours and audacious moves were missing. I understand we need to evolve and push boundaries. Step up and show the world what we can do. But surely an upgrade is not an upgrade unless you are kicking down walls.

Now let’s round this up. Am a Tiwa fan. I love her work and let me be called a lesbian but gosh the woman is beautiful. The way she makes me feel all woman is just out of this world. X factor missed out on her bigtime.

This is no tag on her or her work but the creative team didn’t pull one out of the bag for me. The director should have sent them back to the drawing board till inspiring worthy ideas came rushing out.

Reviewed by Noma Osagie

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    nice song by wizkidayo

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