[Music+Video]: ISEOLUWA – Iseoluwa (Prod. by Jmetz)

is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Abidemi. A  young girl whose musical talent was discovered at age 5 by her mum also is a singer herself in a church. She became a prominent singer in her choir at Emerald Primary ,Ogun State taking lead and back up roles. Her tender voice when discovered was subjected to vocal lessons by her music teacher Mr.Frank Aka AME.
At Age 11, her Mum, Dad and Mr. Frank her Teacher saw the need to encourage her to explore her musical talent by recording her first single titled ‘ISEOLUWA’ meaning the work of God. The talks about the greatness of through his wonderful works
After hearing how beautiful her voice sounded in her first single, her parents decided to support her further by sponsoring her second titled ‘joyous praise which is a collection of praise songs sang in  a distinct and different way. She just shot the video to her first single Iseoluwa.
By Gods grace it should start gracing the screens in a couple of weeks…

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