Godwon – Amen


Dear Mortals, lol hope it is well with everybody. Every I drop record people are quick to assume so I decided to address guys directly to show you my train of thought. I recently was part of an excellent gospel film that even though I played the bad guy, really inspired me. While on set I spoke to my son challenged me to do a song for God. He’s my best friend so I tried to listen. I called Lowkeyz the producer I knew could do the job and add the vocals to accent the job. Lowkeyz now suggested a singer that came to the studio named Treasure was a gospel singer and a contestant on project fame. We called her, she came and the was beyond earth. I had many inhibitions about dropping this record. No, I am not gospel artist, I still make the music I make, but as any real artist will tell you, having song in your heart, without the ability to release it is agonizing. I’m not rapping, I’m repping for the my God. Here it is “Amen” Godwon w Lowkeyz and Treasurel”


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