10 Zanku Songs That Will Keep Your Playlist Lively

    Maybe if God comes down, we will be able to select what music is Zanku and what is not. Every thing seems to sound like street hop music, these days. Except for the Kizz Daniels and Skiibii‘s, of course. But everything else.

    I’ll just go ahead and say Zanku is just another tag, and a more comfortable one than its predecessor, shaku shaku. So, Zanku, street music, any thing goes. There is no perfect tempo, or lyrics, or style, all a Zanku song needs is an energetic vibe that can turn up the streets. Many of the songs around these days have it.

    The least we can do is make a compilation of Top 10 Zanku songs that could change the whole vibe of your playlist from “odoo ewe” to confirm street bangers. The street is never boring, you know.

    Zlatan Ibile – This Year

    Offering time…blessing time;  This is Zlatan Ibile’s latest offering, actually. The street rapper who has been on a Zanku diet, for quite a while is renowned as one of the pioneers of the new street movement called Zanku, which came with a dance style.

    10 Zanku Songs That Will Keep Your Playlist Lively

    And for a couple of months now, he’s been very hot. Dropping bangers back-to-back, doing big collaborations and topping playlists. You don’t become a star, with nothing.

    He got arrested later released, he shared this new one, “This Year” which has been big on the streets, since. He’s simply the Jagaban. For now.

    Olamide – Oil & Gas

    Big Man, and the face of street music in Nigeria. For many years, Olamide Baddo has been repping the streets, in places that it was previously unrepresented. He single-handedly made street hop a thing.

    10 Zanku Songs That Will Keep Your Playlist Lively

    Whether he’s rapping or just doing some lamba, the “Science Student” rapper is steady representing the streets.

    And when you talking of some cool vibes you can work your leg with, “Oil and Gas” got you. Regular slangs, real bars, catchy lyrics and more importantly, a groovy beat. You usually don’t get more than that.

    Naira Marley – Am I A Yahoo Boy ft. Zlatan Ibile

    Sounds like a freestyle, but honestly what doesn’t sound like it? But we all the track was pre-meditated. Emanating from the Simi “yahoo boys” controversy that Naira Marley weighed in on, it didn’t come as a surprise.

    10 Zanku Songs That Will Keep Your Playlist Lively

    “Am I A Yahoo Boy” got a very rare vibe, and it’s another Zlatan x Naira Marley, so it’s definitely worth checking out. But you’ve already checked it out. EFCC won’t arrest you just because it’s in your playlist, anyway.

    Rexxie – Foti Foyin (ft. Zlatan Ibile, Naira Marley, Teni)

    “So live your life, no send nobody. No send nobody, yeah yeah.. ”

    Rexxie has been the one behind almost all of your favorite Zlatan Ibile hits, and he’s worked with many other street guys, like Olamide and Lil Kesh.

    It was only a matter of time before he called Zlatan for a jam, anyway. And he didn’t just bring Zlatan Ibile, he also brought his twin, Naira Marley and badass female singer, Teni, who spiced “Foti Foyin” with her vocals.

    Put this on your list, and your Zanku days will never be over.

    Zlatan Ibile – Killin Dem (ft. Burna Boy)

    Probably one of the biggest Zanku vibes we’ve got, thanks to rave of the moment, Burna Boy.

    Zlatan Ibile was hot, freaking hot and so was Burna. And Zanku was trending, and Burna didn’t have a choice than to jump on the bandwagon.

    “Killing Dem” got all the vibes in the whole world, perfect instrumental, bang vocals, even Zlatan’s performance was better than usual.

    If you don’t have this on your playlist, you are wrong.

    Olamide – Woske

    The first hit of 2019, afrobeat meets Zanku on this one by Baddo. The maestro tapped Killertunes for a killer tune, and they made “Woske.”

    You can actually do some crazy legworks on this, as demonstrated in the official video. “Woske” isn’t just another one, it is actually a great stuff that will keep the playlist alive.

    Rahman Jago – Ijo Ope (ft. Zlatan Ibile, Chinko Ekun, Junior Boy)

    But what if the playlist is dead, and you need it to sneeze back to life? Then you’ll sure need something like “Ijo Ope.”

    Rahman Jago (known simply as just “Instagram sensation”), isn’t the new Larry Gaga, but his mathematics on this one worked fine.

    “Ijo Ope” is a banger. You can’t only dance to it, but you can also sing the stuff because the song is actually cool.

    Chinko – Able God (ft. Zlatan Ibile, Lil Kesh)

    Before Zlatan started taking credit for Zanku, Chinko Ekun dropped what could be regarded as the first Zanku hit, “Able God.”

    The former YBNL rapper scored what many regard as the first hit of his career, which didn’t quite take off when he was at YBNL.

    He tagged his former labelmate, Lil Kesh along, and also put on darling boy, Zlatan Ibile, who wasn’t even as big as Chinko then. “Able God” went viral, and nothing was ever the same.

    As to why you should have it on your playlist? Who doesn’t want a rain of blessings from God?

    Zlatan Ibile – Zanku (Legwork)

    If you will be doing the legwork or rocking a Zanku playlist, you might as be doing it well. “Zanku” which came very shortly after Chinko Ekun’s “Able God” became the precedent to the trend.

    Zlatan is called the originator of Zanku because of this. He may not be the one who created the leg work dance, but he sure did give it the name. We don’t know the meaning but we also don’t know what kapaichumarimarichupaco means.

    Danny S – Waka Jeje (ft. Olamide)

    Released earlier this year, “Waka Jeje” quickly became a hit on the streets, due to the popularity of the slang. Danny S, who became a sensation last year with his “Ege” single, is just an Iju boy with street OT.

    But “Waka Jeje” isn’t just a song from an Iju boy with OT, it’s a banger. And it’s not everyday a street newbie gets to feature Baddo. Only on Christmas!

    Below is the List of Zanku Songs

    1. Zlatan – This Year
    2. Naira Marley – Am I A Yahoo Boy
    3. Olamide – Oil and Gas
    4. Zlatan – Killin Dem (ft. Burna boy)
    5. Rahman Jago – Ijo Ope 
    6. Chinko Ekun – Able God
    7. Rexxie – Foti Foyin
    8. Olamide – Woske
    9. Zlatan Ibile – Zanku
    10. Danny S – Waka Jeje

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