10 Times Olamide has inspired us with his songs.

Mp3bullet.ng compiles a list of 10 Times Olamide has inspired us with his songs.

10 Times Olamide has inspired us with his songs.
10 Times Olamide has inspired us with his songs.

Olamide and his songs have been a favourite of the streets not just because they make one but because they inspire people.

He has evolved into an unstoppable force since making his industry debut in 2011 with the lead song, ‘Eni Duro,’ off his first album, “Rapsodi,” with his fame reaching new heights with each passing year that has seen him consistently expand and raise the stakes of his craft.

Since his debut, he has released nine studio solo albums [Rapsodi (2011), YBNL (2012), Baddest Guy Ever Liveth (2013), Street OT (2014), Eyan Mayweather (2015), The Glory (2016), and Lagos Nawa (2017)], Carpe Diem(2020), Uy Scuti(2021) demonstrating his ethic and reputation for dropping an album every year.

From his many discographies, the rapper has songs for almost everything. He has been able to cover a large number of themes and isn’t afraid to address uncomfortable issues in his songs.

While he is popular for a lot of love songs and hits, the singer still finds a way to be inspiring and drop motivational words to ginger listeners.

Through his songs, he has been able to inspire and motivate even the average Nigerian with his ability to relate to life struggles and flawlessly turn them into songs making him a favourite on playlists.

Mp3bullet.ng presents 10 Times Olamide has inspired us with his songs.

Prayer For Client

10 Times Olamide has inspired us with his songs.
Prayer for Client

Off his fourth studio album, “Street OT“, Olamide gives the average hustler a prayer anthem. While most people might argue this song is made for the ‘yahoo yahoo’ boys of Nigeria, you can’t argue this song asks the right questions about trying to hustle.

Hope say we dey get moneyOlamide asks listeners who throw in their every being into their hustle.

Olamide- letter To Millie

Olamide welcomed his first child, Maximilian ‘Millie’ Boluwatife in 2015. In 2017, he released a song in form of a letter to Millie encouraging him to be himself and never to let anyone decide his fate.

During the song, Olamide can be heard telling his son that he can even be a President if he wants and shouldn’t let anyone tell him otherwise.

The rapper also gives his sons advice on how to wade through life issues and the relationships to prioritise. Although this song is addressed to his son, Olamide indirectly drops gems of wisdom for listeners.

Triumphant ft Bella Shmurda

Olamide ft. Bella Shmurda – Triumphant Video
Olamide ft. Bella Shmurda – Triumphant Video

Another emotional and inspirational song from the talented rapper, “Triumphant” gives fans an insight into the state of Olamide’s mind and how he has processed his trials over the years.

The singer also reveals intimate details on how his mother’s death affected him but the shocking part of the song is where he tells us the inspiration behind him dying his hair at some point.

While fans thought it was a fashion phase for him, the rapper reveals he was actually losing his mind. However, the chorus which is handled by the impeccable Bella Shmurda gives a happy ending to the whole story.

This song is actually relatable especially to people who have been through a lot of issues and traumas that have messed their mental state. It shows that no one is alone in their fight and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.


10 Times Olamide has inspired us with his songs.

Olamide samples Fuji King, Kwam 1‘s ‘Anifowoshe‘ in one of his more reflective songs to recount the stories of his upbringing and survival in the slums.

This song hits a spot one doesn’t think existed and was one of the earliest songs from Olamide’s discography that made fans realize that the rapper was a to earth person who understood what struggle and poverty feel like.

The visual which was handled by Kemi Adetiba correctly represents the meaning of the song.

Eleda Mi O

10 Times Olamide has inspired us with his songs.
Eleda Mi O

Even while being inspirational, Olamide knows how to get a party started, and on “Eleda Mi O” he had everyone praying along with him even before stepping onto the dancefloor.

Hustle, Loyalty, Respect’ feat Reminisce

10 Times Olamide has inspired us with his songs.
Olamide- Hustle, Loyalty, respect

People often forget that Olamide can actually rap, and it takes recordings like this to remind them that, despite pursuing commercial success, he can still deliver the bars when needed.

On “Hustle, Loyalty, RespectOlamide takes time to address the relationship between Hip-Hop and beef and also gives an ode to indigenous rappers alongside his friend, Reminisce.

Poverty Die

Olamide Poverty Die Mp3 Download
Poverty DIe

When Olamide released this song in 2018, it quickly became a hit for many reasons; the beat and the catchy and relatable lyrics. This song was a perfect prayer for anyone, I mean who wanted poverty in their life?

This is a song that has one praying and dancing at the same time.

Responsibility ft Adol

10 Times Olamide has inspired us with his songs.

Responsibility” is off Olamide’s debut album, “Raspodi” and features Adol. Olamide who was a young man at the time he released the song and the album raps about the many complicated issues that come with being someone who has responsibilities to meet.

The part where he raps; “na song of sorrow, Na im dey make your heart bleed, It’s killing you, u’re finding it so hard to breath” perfectly captures how responsibilities and pressure can affect people.

Motivation ft. Ice Prince, Endia,

10 Times Olamide has inspired us with his songs.

Motivation” is exactly what it should be Olamide alongside Ice Prince, Endia, , drops bars of their grass to grace stories.

In the chorus, Olamide says “Motivation fun awon temi ngboro” is a reflective statement on what the Rapper has become for the streets.

Journey of a Thousand Miles

10 Times Olamide has inspired us with his songs.
Journey of a Thousand miles

Off his 2016 album, “The Glory“, “Journey of a Thousand Miles” is another of his very few reflective moments that find him talking about fate and the struggle for a better life.

The calm soothing song is a relatable one for people who have had to take extreme measures to get out of poverty.

10 Times Olamide has inspired us with his songs.

  • Prayer For Client
  • Triumphant
  • Anifowshe
  • Eleda Mi O
  • Hustle, Loyalty, Respect’ feat Reminisce
  • Poverty Die
  • Responsibility
  • Motivation
  • Journey of a Thousand Miles

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