10 Songs from D’banj and Don Jazzy that dominated the industry

From the mid-2000s, and D’banj were a force to reckon with in the industry. Their chemistry made any song they worked on together magic.

10 Songs from D'banj and Don Jazzy that dominated the industry
10 Songs from D’banj and that dominated the industry

Over the years, the industry is yet to experience a more deadly combo than Don Jazzy and D’banj. These two held reign in the industry for years as music and business partners.

The two met in the Uk where D’banj was supposed to be studying and was working as a producer under JJC Skillz.

They quickly bonded and Jazzy and D’banj moved back to Nigeria to pursue a music career.

In 2004, the two released their first work together titled “Tongolo“. In 2005, D’banj released his debut album, “No Long Thing” under Mo’hits records, the label he and started together.

Unfortunately in 2012, a decade long collaboration came to an end with D’banj moving on to start his own label, DB Records and starting Mavin Records.



D'banj- Tongolo
D’banj- Tongolo

This was our introduction to the power duo, and what an excellent introduction it was.

‘Who is the koko, where is the koko’. These lyrics would forever be etched in the memories of fans.

Released in 2004, the song brought two talented UK returnees to our notice. It launched the production career of and the wonderful music relationship between the duo that spanned years.

Mr Endowed

D'banj- Endowed
D’banj- Endowed

and D’banj had such huge chemistry working together, they made several hits together and ‘Mr Endowed‘ was one of such songs.

It didn’t stop there, they featured American rapper, Snoop Dogg, on the official remix of ‘Mr Endowed’ and it was even bigger. This tune threw D’banj more into the international spotlight.


This was one of the songs that introduced D’banj to the limelight. The singer narrated his struggles overseas and his return to Nigeria to pursue music.

This is one of the rare track where D’banj plays his harmonica. The track was also one of ’s introductory tracks back in the days.


D'banj- Why Me
D’banj- Me

Me” was released in 2006 and was off D’banj’s 2006 RunDown Funk U Up Album. The song is a classic to date.

Gbono Feli Feli

D'banj- Gbono Feli feli
D’banj- Gbono Feli feli

The song was a hit in 2008 when Dbanj was the Koko master, and was the quiet walking-stick wielding Don.

Mo Gbono Feli Feli possessed such an infectious instrumental that M.I had to drop a freestyle on it.

It was a prime production from Don-Jazzy.

Fall in Love

D'banj- Fall in Love
D’banj- Fall in Love

Fall In Love‘ is still a classic wedding party jam anytime any day. and D’banj joined forces to produce an evergreen and it is one of D’banj’s biggest hits produced.

With a contemporary high-life instrumental, a lovely sax solo from Yemi Sax, and Wande Coal providing his vocals prowess in the background, provided D’Banj with the biggest love song in the country at the time.

Scape Goat

Scape Goat was the track that caught Kanye West’s attention and led to the beginning of the end for Mo’Hits. Kanye was on its remix.

It featured the magic combination D’Banj and Don Jazzy, something that fans still long for, three years after the acrimonious split of the best duo out of Nigeria.


This is another high-life hit produced by Don Jazzy in 2008. Jazzy created D’Banj’s first inter-tribe hit which solidified the singer’s status in East Nigeria.


D'banj- Suddenly
D’banj- Suddenly

There something about this song that catches a listener’s attention. It was Off D’banj’s 2008 released third studio album “The Entertainer”.

Oliver Twist

D'banj- Oliver Twist
D’banj- Oliver Twist

The most popular song on the list, and the last one the magic duo worked on together.

It was the song that sold the latter to an international audience especially in the UK. The beat-boxing was on point and really pushed the sound to a different level. The music video had a cameo of Kanye West on it.

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