10 Nigerian musicians that only had one hit before facing a major decline

There aren’t many one-hit wonders in the Nigerian music scene.

Either you blow or you don’t blow out here this place is just ridiculous to stay relevant after a hit, you make every effort to follow it up with hits therefore, everyone is working harder on their follow-ups.

However, not everyone has the good fortune to score twice. Long term, there are still a few one-hit wonders. Artists that have had national hits but have had little success with any of their subsequent work.

10 Nigerian musicians that only had one hit before facing a major decline
10 Nigerian musicians that only had before facing a major decline

We present ten of the most well-known one-hit wonders of the 20th century on this list. These are artists that even young people from the indomie age will be familiar with or at the very least have heard of.

1. Bigiano (Shayo)

What do we call this if not a waste of talent? One of 2008’s biggest successes was produced by Bigiano and is a party song called “Shayo.”

Bigiano is a name that you’re familiar with if you listened to Nigerian music in 2008. the “Shayo” groove, too. But regrettably, that was his sole success.


2. Jodie (Kuchi Kuchi)

Whatever becomes of Jodie?

Oh my god, oh my god, kuchi kuchi yes. Who in that year didn’t know that song? That song has the power to calm you down at any time. Although it has a spiritual and uplifting vibe, the song is about love. In 2011, it became popular.

However, a lot of people aren’t even familiar with her name, much less another song. I could add, regrettably.


3. Chuddy K (Gaga Crazy)

Go gaga is insane, and she is, indeed, crazy. One of the top club bangers of 2012 was this tune. However, that was the last we heard of Chuddy K. in some way.

The fact that you choose Chuck D as your stage name shouldn’t have a significant impact on your life. Or ought it to?


4. Lynxxx (Fine Lady)

God bless Wizkid. Lynxx might not have had a successful single in the end.

With WizKid providing the vocals, “Fine Lady” was undoubtedly a smash at that point. The wedding-themed music video was also unique.

However, Lynxx? He might still be developing “the hit single after the hit single,” who knows!


5. Di’ja (Awww)

Numerous new stars emerged in the industry in 2014. New members of and had the potential to blow the industry away. Of them, Di’ja was one.

Everyone heard her say, “There’s nothing I won’t do to make you smile, oh,” and it had been almost seven years. She was never able to execute a follow-up. Anyway, I’ve heard that she now has two or three children.


6. Viktoh (Skibi Dat)

Prior to “Skibi Dat,” Viktoh was well-known for his role in Lil Kesh’s wildly successful “Efejoku” song as well as for being YBNL’s good boy.

He doesn’t even know what he wants to accomplish, though. Rap, sing, or act like a good boy? Unlike, say, Lil Kesh, for example, his music has not wowed listeners throughout the years.

Only “Skibi Dat” was successful. After that, nothing he did improved.


7. Sugarboy (Hola Hola)

He hasn’t done anything after his modest success “Hola Hola,” which came out in 2016. His entire CD was awful. It didn’t help to steal a tune from an impending work of art. What’s up Sugarboy, sef?


8. Wale Turner (No)

Once upon a time, Wale Turner was a child who many believed would take native hip-hop and make it popular.

Although “No” was somewhat impressive. A successful hit that is both catchy and worthwhile. For approximately a year, it was able to keep the person in certain chats. He then began to slowly float away into nothingness.


9. Victor AD (Wetin We Gain)

Victor will tell you he is most definitely not a one-hit if you ask him today. But Victor AD has been working on a better hit than the trending “Wetin We Gain” for years. And unsuccessfully, if I may add.

The majority of his efforts have fallen short of the standards he set for himself, and many of them are just plain bad. I have no regrets about included him on my list.


10. Pepenazi (Illegal)

In any case, that is the Olamide effect. Olamide can deliver a hit for you, but are you going to rely on him constantly? Definitely not.

Pepenazi is now known as “the guy who did illegal that year” after all these years. Oh, that’s horrible.


That’s all for today, though. Please share your thoughts.

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