10 Most Underrated Nigerian Songs Of All-Time

    Over time we’ve seen a lot of songs that didn’t get deserved recognition as they should, this post will highlight the 10 most underrated Nigerian songs of all-time.

    10 Most Underrated Nigerian Songs Of All-Time
    10 Most Underrated Nigerian Songs Of All-Time

    Underrated and overrated are two opposite words use to describe a song, is either a song is underrated or overrated, meaning that is either not rated highly enough or it’s rated above the quality, before proceeding to the most underrated Nigerian song of all time, let’s discuss the factors that influence underrating or overrating of a song;


    Hype is an in-depth promotion or publicity of a song or a project, it is one of the vital factors that lead to underrating or overrating of a song, some songs get very big hype while some get very low hype, depending on the artist’s plan.


    Anticipation is similar to expectations, some artists announce the release of their song or project way before the date, thereby causing much anticipation, this can actually overrate a song with low quality.


    This particular factor is responsible for a song being underrated and likely given less attention, releasing a song without prior notice or anticipation, some artist wakes up and just drop a song because they are already big and doesn’t need all that buzz while some are just because they feel to.


    Visuals treatment to a song enhance the song to be recognised properly, a song with a video tends to reach a wider audience than just audio, some songs are underrated because it lacks a video to push it more.

    Now let’s list some underrated songs from Nigerian artistes that ought to be given more recognition or attention;

    Davido – Like That

    The song was released on November 24, 2017, and is arguably among Davido‘s top 10 best songs of all time, the song was given less attention because of lack of adequate hype, mainly because 2017 was phenomenal to him, prior to numerous hit releases and hence wasn’t promoted properly.
    10 Most Underrated Nigerian Songs Of All-Time
    Davido – Like That

    Wizkid – Lagos Vibes 

    The song was released unofficially as a leak in 2018, it was intended perhaps to not be officially released rather dash it out to the fans, but it turns out to be a great song, arguably also among his best songs of all-time.
    10 Most Underrated Nigerian Songs Of All-Time
    Wizkid – Lagos Vibes

    Burna Boy – Say So

    Burna Boy was always up to his game when it comes to making a quality song, the chord created by Leriq on the song was amazing both taking the chorus simultaneously, it was released as an album song on L.I.F.E album in 2013 and wasn’t given much attention, perhaps not promoted as a single.

    Olamide – Anifowose

    A very calm vibe, sampled from K1 De Ultimate, it’s highlighted his ghetto story and highly rich in content, it was a very underrated song perhaps then Nigerians were all about high tempos songs from Olamide, Anifowose is a very suiting and melodious song.
    10 Most Underrated Nigerian Songs Of All-Time
    Olamide – Anifowose

    2Baba – Ocho

    One of 2baba most underrated songs, it was delivered with Idoma language but has a powerful message, it also an album song from ‘Grass 2 Grace‘ it was given less attention and was not promoted.
    10 Most Underrated Nigerian Songs Of All-Time
    2Baba – Ocho

    Mr Raw – Onye N’ekwu feat. Sho’ Boi

    It was released in 2012 with the album ‘The Greatest‘ it was an amazing song with a very great message, lyrically filled and suiting chorus from Sho’ boi, it still remains one of most underrated Mr Raw songs, it was released during the CD era and then promotion was not really done properly.

    Tiwa Savage – Get It Now ft. Omarion

    One of Tiwa Savage best international collaboration and also an underrated song, it was released in 2018 featuring American R&B star Omarion, it was slightly promoted but not given due attention, the synergies between them was out of space, a quality song if I must say.

    Kizz Daniel – For You feat. Wizkid

    This the most underrated Kizz Daniel songs of all time, it was released in 2018 featuring Wizkid, a great song with perfect delivery by both artists but there were no visuals and low promotional turnout.

    Phyno – Ride For You feat. Davido

    It is an underrated song that received little attention compare to the quality, the combination was impressive, both deliveries were epic, davido even expressed his verse in Igbo language, it was released in 2019 on ‘Deal with It‘ album by Phyno.

    Yemi Alade – Do as I do feat. DJ Arafat

    A great song that was released in 2016 and produced by Selebobo, a great collaboration with the Ivorian Dj Arafat,  it’s was given less attention.

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