10 Lines From “The Mayor Of Lagos” That Proves Mayorkun Is A Badass Lyricist

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10 Lines From The Mayor Of Lagos That Proves Mayorkun Is A Badass LyricistBelieve me when I say, ’s got more and more sauce to bring to the table. Already the whiz kid is on a roll, dropped hits, toured the country, and released his debut album.

“The Mayor Of Lagos” is an exceptional piece, in that, it doesn’t even seem like the usual debut albums. Think of TMOL as a mixtape, or better still, a playlist of hit songs, that all scream “Mayorkun issa bomb!”

What’s even more exciting with Mayorkun? Never a dull moment. That’s one. Then, two, he’s kinda like the most ‘lyrical’ singer, and any artist would rather have him write his song, than whoever’s pulling off on ’s hits, these day.

What’s his lyrical strength? He has a play on words. His lyrical weakness? He plays to much on words. Alternatively, you can say he got punchlines. One of these days, I’m sure you won’t be freaked when Mayorkun beats your best rapper to get the “Lyricist On The Roll” award.

That said, his album is dope (have I said this before?) And the lyricism on it ain’t bad. Perhaps you didn’tnotice when he was dropping the best lines of the century, , you missed some moments, well, I’m here to help. Quickly, this article will highlight ten times Mayorkun went in really hard on The Mayor album.

“You’ve been running through my mind, running through my mind, you for don tire oh” – Tire

Ever had to run, as fast as your legs can carry you? What happens when you’re finally done? You get tired right. OK, so what Mayorkun’s saying here is, this shawty’s been running through his mind, so much, she’s gotta be tired. Huh. You probably noticed that.

“I no wan do you jibiti, baby please gimme your GTB” – Fantasy

Shit happens sometimes, you know. But then, Mayorkun doesn’t want to do the girl jibiti. Jibiti, actually, is the yoruba word for scam. Makes sense, right? “I don’t want to scam you babe, send me your GTB account details.” Cool. But, don’t tell me you’ve not seen that jibiti rhymes with GBT, which when written is a variation of GTB.

“Hain, hain, hain, hain, I’ve got a small doctor wey go treattheir fuck up” – Aya Mi

Familiar? Yeah. Small Doctor is the only one who says hain hain. What you didn’t notice is that, doctors treat patients. And this doctor is going to treat their fuck up. See what the guy got there!

“I’ll be your starboy, on a weekend” – Aya Mi

Don’t sleep on that, he wasn’t saying Wizkid, and he wasn’t saying weekend, asin Friday or Saturday. He’s talking The Weeknd, the Real StarBoy, according to Drake. Sorry, Wiz.

“Fire no fit burn a boy, make dem pree me” – Oshepete

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I know I won’t ever have to explain this. Ever.

“I got something fishy with Eja nla” – Oshepete

And this, too. You may not like “Oshepete” track, or on the contrary, you may like it very much. But this line, as simple as it is, if M.I says it, you may be jumping up and down that it’s the best hip-hop line ever.

“I no say you no go high school on a low, that shoe na borrow pose” – Jonze Me

This line is that Tekno type of thing. Trying to use wordplays without caring what it will sound like, eventually. So, he’s saying, he knows she didn’t attend high school, and that the high heels she wears are not in her class, and are just ‘borrow pose’. But everything he knows is, on a low. Relate?

“As E dey hot, na you dey reign, baby biko fall on me” – Jonze Me

What’s hot, what’s trending in town, well, it’s the babe, na she dey reign. Why should she now fall on him, if she’s reigning? That’s ’cause reigning and raining sound exactly the same. In the first part, she was reigning, the second part, she was raining. Are you clapping for Mayorkun yet?

“She get license to drive you crazy” – Drama Queen

You don’t drive without a license, unless, of course, you’re in Nigeria. I think that explains it.

“But the things you do to me is uncool, like your daddy’s brother” – Jonze Me

What she does to him is uncool, we know. But where does her daddy’s brother comes in? It’s uncool, well, probably uncle, too. What’s your dad’s brother called again?

I think y’all got the memo now? Mayorkun issa fantastic beast, vocally and lyrically!


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